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Hideri Kanzaki is Cafe Stile's fifth addition, hired for his adorable looks. The staff gets largely surprised, and it's not because Hideri plays an idol singer, yet never sings.

Rider Form

This is Hideri's daydream Rider Form.

Kamen Rider Stile

Kamen Rider Stile.

"Business Tune Up! (Blend S Opening) Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! Service! We Are Stile!"
―Transformation announcement.[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height:
  • Rider Weight:

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power:
  • Kicking Power:
  • Maximum Jump Height:
  • Maximum Running Speed:

Kamen Rider Stile (仮面ライダースティーレ Kamen Raidā Sutīre?) is Hideri's default form, accessed through the Stile Shift Car, and then, merging him with Maika, Kaho, Mafuyu, and Miu into one Rider.

Stile is composed of the following parts:

  • Business Aero Met (ビジネスエアロメット Bijinesu Earo Metto) - The helmet.
    • Streamline Armor (ストリームラインアーマー Sutorīmurain Amā) - The overall head armor. The surface is made of an alloy with excellent impact resistance. The internal honeycomb structure utilises a thin compressed alloy, allowing it to receive impacts.
    • Armed Shock Absorber (アームドショックアブゾーバー Āmudo Shokku Abuzōbā) - The white sections covering the sides and back of the Speed Aero Met. Underneath is a special type of rubber that absorbs shocks, further protecting the wearer. Additionally, a wide-range sound collecting device is installed, enabling high-precision hearing.
    • Signal-D (シグナル-D Shigunaru-D) - The white line running from the forehead area to the back. It checks Stile's status and updates the R-Emblem on it.
    • Fore Grille (フォアグリル Foaguriru) - The front body panel car part on the middle of the forehead. It aggregates any data received from the Fore Grille in real time. It has a function that automatically distributes energy throughout the body.
    • Head Wing Spoiler (ヘッドウィングスポイラー Heddo U~ingu Supoirā) - The spoiler located at the back of the head. It can generate downforce throughout the entire body, strengthening Stile's overall acceleration force. Additionally, it can act as an antenna that can detect enemies by sensing their body movements, allowing her to quickly grasp any current combat situation.
    • Ultimate High Beam Eyes (アルティメイトハイビームアイ Arutimeito Hai Bīmu Ai) - The upgraded version of Multi High Beam Eyes. Those eyes is same as Dual High Beam Eyes features with Mr. Belt control.
    • Wheel Ear (ホイールイヤー Hoīruiyā) - The wheel-based earphones to enhanced his hearing.
    • Air Exhaust Pipe (エアーエキゾーストパイプ Eā Ekizōsuto Paipu) - Pipes located around the Speed Aero Met. They supply Stile with air from outside. Any impurities in the air are taken through multiple filters, seized and ejected into the outside environment.
    • Crash Guard Panel (クラッシュガードパネル Kurasshu Gādo Paneru) - The silver mouthplate. It is a composite armor formed by overlaying multiple sheets of high-strength compressed alloy on top of one another. It can withstand tank shots.
  • G-Driving Suit (G-ドライビングスーツ G-Doraibingu Sūtsu) - The bodysuit. It draws out the wearer's physical abilities. The suit is made of a special alloy that has been turned into fiber, greatly reducing any damage Stile receives in combat.
  • Breast Cowl (ブレストカウル Buresuto Kauru) - The chest armor.
  • Core Driviar-N (コア・ドライビア-N Koa Doraibia-N) - A gravity drive engine installed within the Breast Cowl. It is Stile's main power source. Its rotations and vibrations release special energy waves that can counteract heavy acceleration.
  • G-Deflectors (G-ディフレクター G-Difurekutā) - The shoulder armor. Their shape allows them to effectively recieve attacks without much issue. It has a movement assist function that utilises electromagnetic waves to speed up the acceleration force of Stile's punches and arm movement, allowing Stile to execute fast arm combat techniques.
  • Intake Arm Guards (インテークアームガード Intēku Āmu Gādo) - The forearm armor. It is strong enough to be used as a shield. They store any surplus energy generated by the Core Driviar-N and energy taken from the whole body intake.
  • Rapid Break Gloves (ラピッドブレイクグローブ Rapiddo Bureiku Gurōbu) - The reinforced hands. Its grip strength and surface hardness can be adjusted freely, making fine delicate operations possible outside of combat. A high-speed powered punch can be delivered by covering the Rapid Break Gloves' surface area with compressed energy.
  • Active Turbo Legs (アクティブターボレッグ Akutibu Tābo Reggu) - The lower leg armor. A lightweight alloy that has excellent impact resistance is used in its construction. A built-in high strength suspension device strengthens the leg's power.
  • Knee Metal Pads (ニーメタルパッド Nī Metaru Paddo) - The titanium alloy knee armor. It assists knee movement and strengthens the power of knee kicks.
  • Rear Cowl Rollerblade (リアカウルローラーブレード Ria Kauru Rōrāburēdo) - The upgraded version of Rear Cowl Boots. It can enhances Stile's speed and powerful kick.

His finisher is called "Stile Kick"




  • 5L Stile Magic Wand: Stile's engine which can transforms into the Rider's magic wand.


Toyota Quick Delivery 100 Food Truck (XH80)

Stile's Rider Machine (default).

Stile's Rider Machine (stock, off-screen daydream).

Rider Machine Statistics

  • Length:4480mm
  • Width:1690mm
  • Height:1575mm
  • Weight:2580kg


  • Bodykit:Snyper
  • Rims:???

Performance Parts:

  • Engine:5L Engine with TRD Camshaft, Cam Gears, Exhaust, Headers
  • Turbo:TRD Turbo Kit
  • ECU:TRD Performance Chip
  • Transmission:TRD Differential
  • Suspension:TRD Springs, Shocks, Sway Bars
  • Nitrous:TRD Nitrous Kit
  • Tyres:TRD Tyre Kit
  • Brakes:TRD Rotors, Compound Brake Pads