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Hero Legacy: Kamen Rider 00
Number: 02
Number of episodes: TBA
First episode: The Return of R/Enter 00
Last episode: TBA
Intro: Dystopia
Original airing: 2020
Producer: H_barcenas
Author: H_barcenas
Production Order
Hero Retold: Kamen Rider Shinobi

Hero Legacy: Kamen Rider 00 (ヒーローレガシー:仮面ライダーダブルオー,Hīrō Regashī: Kamen Raidā Daburu ō) is a fan-made TV series adaptation of the Kamen Rider Franchise, written by H_barcenas and posted on the Kamen Rider Fanfiction Wiki Page. It is the spiritual sequel to Kamen Rider W, taking place in the City of Fuuto, 20 years after the events of the main series. The fanfiction also serves as the second entry to the Kamen Rider Heroes continuity, making it a direct sequel to Hero Retold: Kamen Rider Shinobi, following its conclusion in 2020.


Year 2020, a horrific incident called the Gaia Bombing leveled the City of Fuuto, causing massive destruction to its structures and deaths to thousands of its inhabitants. Ten years later, the once ecological landmark has yet to fully bounce back as efforts to revitalize the city has been met with resistance by its rising criminal activities, headed by the mysterious organization CENTER and the much more powerful High Dopants.

Enter Yusaku Amasawa, a young high school student running away from his mysterious past, before being thrust in as the new symbol of hope for its citizens after its original protectors had mysteriously disappeared. Now bearing the title of Kamen Rider 00, he faces these new threats while also uncovering a grand conspiracy that will ultimately lead him to confront his demons. Fuuto's story continues into this dark chapter.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider 00
Yusaku Amasawa
Kamen Rider G-Nasca
Kazuhiko Sudo
Kamen Rider Fang


Fuuto University Affiliate High School



Citizens of Fuuto


Kamen Rider Double
Philip & Shotaro Hidari
Kamen Rider Accel
Ryu Terui
Kamen Rider Shinobi
Rentaro Kagura
Kamen Rider Kurenai
Rekka Ayano


Main Article: T3 Dopants, High Dopants


G-Sakura Dopant
Yui Miyagi
G-Enforcer Dopant
Shikkoku Rukia
G-Tyrant Dopant
Kagerou Shiramine
G-Elasmotherium Dopant
Tokime (Clone)
G-Reverse Dopant
Kozue Fushimi
Enforcer Dopants
  • Goudo Ogasawara
  • Madarame Ogasawara

Zero Mercenary Group

G-Zero Dopant
Reiju Amasawa
Waterform Dopant
Tetsuya Ichijou
Hellsfire Dopant
Hideo Kazama
Edge Dopant
Makoto Sanada
Zero Dopant
Yusaku Amasawa (former)


Engine Dopant
Sakura Kanjiya
Hound Dopant
Lion Dopant
Violence Dopant
Unknown Kidnapper (Flashback)
Sportsmaster Dopant
Kippei Higashi
Comedian Dopant
GanGan Kojima
Falcon Dopant
Unknown Hitman ► Himeka Banba
Tachyon Dopant
Syndicate Member
Energy Dopant
Unknown Man (Flashback)
Taurus Dopant
Tenma Sugiura

High Dopants

G-Engine Dopant
Nanami Naruse
G-Hound Dopant
G-Sportsmaster Dopant
Moriyama Jo
G-Comedian Dopant
Gekisou Miyata XX
G-Tachyon Dopant
Misaki Tani
G-Energy Dopant
G-Automaton Dopant

Foundation X

Onycho Magia
Base Humagear
  • Foundation X Scientists



  1. The Return of R/Enter 00
  2. The Return of R/Sins, Past and Present
  3. H Symbol/Welcome to Class 2-A
  4. H Symbol/Rights and Duties
  5. L Confessions/The Ice Goddess
  6. L Confessions/The Price for an Inspiration
  7. Get Your S Game/Unrivaled Athlete
  8. Get Your S Game/Effort Plus Ultra
  9. I am a C/And a High School Student
  10. I am a C/Laughter at 100%
  11. F Blooming/Enter G-Nasca
  12. F Blooming/The Sakura Rising
  13. Critical T/Golden Hour Case
  14. Critical T/The Midnight Rider
  15. E the Rules/What is Justice?
  16. E the Rules/The Center of It All
  17. The W of Change/A Symbol Destroyed
  18. The W of Change/Eternal Cyclone
  19. The W of Change/Center of the Storm
  20. Friend A/Fair Turnabout
  21. Friend A/Healing Old Wounds
  22. The B Pledge/Sworn Brothers
  23. The B Pledge/The Ties That Bind
  24. The Lessons of Y/Your True Self
  25. The Lessons of Y/I am a Kamen Rider
  26. The Lessons of Y/The Untold Secrets
  27. The Secret M/Fuuto Underground
  28. The Secret M/Accelerated Counterattack
  29. Be N/The Law is Bull
  30. Be N/A Sense of Self
  31. The Return of Z/Enter G-Zero
  32. The Return of Z/Fuuto Ungrateful
  33. The Return of Z/Counted Crimes
  34. Enter the D/New School Year
  35. Enter the D/Reformed Plans
  36. Black J/Friends and Enemies
  37. Black J/A New Trump Card
  38. The Ultimate G/Complete the Center
  39. The Ultimate G/Four Powers in One
  40. Toward the X/Once a Rider
  41. Toward the X/Golden Formation
  42. The Three K/Campus Code Red
  43. The Three K/Multiple Symbols
  44. An O Vision/Fuuto High's Role
  45. An O Vision/A Place We Belong To
  46. The Q of Life/Decisions and Results
  47. The Q of Life/Hope for the Future
  48. A New V/The Cost of Evolution
  49. A New V/The King of the Memories


  1. Kamen Rider Heroes: Shinobi X 00 – The Palace of Athena


  1. Hero Legacy SP: Kamen Rider W – Zero
  2. Hero Legacy SP: Kamen Rider G-Nasca
  3. Hero Legacy SP: Kamen Rider 00 X Shinobi – Tears of a Goddess
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