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This article is about a/an Digimon in Power Rider D-Tamer.
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Gender: Male
Series: Power Rider D-Tamer
Ally Type: Digimon
Homeworld: Digital World
First Appearance: Power Rider D-Tamer BEYOND: D-Tamer Heriss
Last Appearance:
The Number of Episode Appearances: 1 (Special)
Actor: Ike Flitcraft

Herissmon is the Digimon partner of Jonathan Ellis in Power Rider D-Tamer.

In battle, he lends his powers to Jonathan, enabling him to become D-Tamer Heriss.



Herissmon is always brimming with curiosity & will lose sight of his surroundings once he finds something to fixate on, although he is also highly cautious & will make his hard, needle-like quills stand on end when he is afraid, curling up into a ball until no sign of danger remains. However, Herissmon is very attached to Jonathan (& others who he has warmed up to) & tends to show him his favorite treasures that he keeps stashed in his fur. 


  • Lightning Quills: Attacks the opponent by shooting lightning-coated quills.
  • Needle-Point Dive: Curls his body up into a ball & charges forth.



Pusurimon is the In-Training form of Herissmon, a quadrupedal Digimon with yellow spines growing from his back. Pusurimon is always running around energetically, though he will sometimes appear to stop in his tracks when in reality he has just fallen asleep on the spot.


  • Prickly Roll: Causes the fur covering his body to stand & harden, then curls himself into a ball & does a jump-tackle while spinning.


This is Herissmon's primary Rookie form. 

It is this form that Herissmon lends his power to Jonathan to become D-Tamer Heriss.


  • Lightning Quills: Attacks the opponent by shooting lightning-coated quills.
  • Needle-Point Dive: Curls his body up into a ball & charges forth.


Filmon is Herissmon's Champion form. 

With many large spikes sprouting out of his body, Filmon has sharp red claws that can slice anything & yellow quills that inject energy into whatever he pierces. Filmon has a carefree personality, the kind that likes to collect soft material that helps him to sleep easily in his nest or search for his favorite foods.

Whenever Jonathan uses Filmon's DigiCard, he can access his power as D-Tamer Fil.


  • Lightning Stinger: Skewers the enemy & injects energy into them that destroys their data.
  • Crimson Slash: Whirls in a continuous slashing attack with both claws.


Stefilmon is Herissmon's Ultimate form. The fur covering his entire body is said to possess hardness rivaling that of Red Digizoid, acting not only as a shield that protects his body from harm but also as a weapon that boasts unparalleled offensive power. The "Hurricane Knuckles" Stefilmon wields in both hands are his prided weapons, made from compressing his shed fur to high density. 

Whenever Jonathan uses Stefilmon's DigiCard, he can access his power as D-Tamer Stefil.


  • Giga Crimson Dive: Charges forth whilst doing a high-speed drill spin, cleaving the opponent to bits with his bristled fur & Hurricane Knuckles.
  • Vermilion Vortex: Causes red, drill-shaped spears to protrude from all over his body, annihilating multiple enemies in one go.


Rasenmon is Herissmon's true Mega form, which he attained after accepting his negative emotions without fearing them & regaining the courage he needed to believe in itself. Having broken free of the negative emotions that shackled him down, Rasenmon is now reborn into this new form & can completely control the power that drove him berserk in the past; his violent temperament has also faded, & he now sports a kind & gentle personality. In battle, Herissmon is capable of amassing even more power by absorbing the energy derived from his allies' emotions; however, he is only able to use this ability to carry out actions he believes are right.

Whenever Jonathan uses Rasenmon's DigiCard, he can access his power as D-Tamer Rasen.


  • Gyro Smash: Dishes out a powerful punch whilst spinning the blades on his arm.
  • Qualialise Blast: Spins his blades at extremely high speed, creating tornadoes that strike the opponent.
  • Spiral Vanish: Shoots out & fuses all of the spiral-shaped spines covering his body to form a gigantic drill which he uses to impale the opponent. Spiral Vanish is Rasenmon's trump card where he unleashes all of the emotional energy he has stored together with his drill to deliver a crushingly powerful blow.

Rasenmon Fury Mode

Rasenmon Fury Mode is a corrupt version of Rasenmon. 

A ruthless, nine-tailed Mega level Digimon that became unable to control his dark power due to the large volume of negative emotion data that got mixed in while he was Digivolving from Ultimate level. The moment Rasenmon's Digivolution is complete, his body comes under the full control of his rampaging power of darkness; what results is an entity of destruction that devastates all in its surroundings solely on impulse. Rasenmon suffers from inner conflict stemming from his fear of & attempts to reject the swirling negative emotions inside of himself, which gave rise to his destructive impulses & subsequently his vicious personality.

Whenever Jonathan uses Rasenmon's DigiCard, along with the D-Modify Fury Card, he can access his power as D-Tamer Rasen Fury Mode.


  • Desperate Vortex: Extends his large, spiral-shaped tails & skewers the opponent over & over again.
  • Predator's Bite: Pounces on the opponent, devouring their DigiCore directly.
  • Spiral Inferno: Rotates the blades on his wrists at high speed, creating tornadoes that indiscriminately tear apart everything in their surroundings.

Digivolution Chart

In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega
Pusurimon Herissmon Filmon Stefilmon Rasenmon Rasenmon Fury Mode

Behind the scenes

Herissmon is voiced by American actor Ike Flitcraft, who is known for being a cast member in the popular sketch comedy series Studio C from 2019 to 2021.


  • The fact that Herissmon's Ultimate form, Stefilmon, is based on a humanoid wolf may be a reference to a Studio C sketch that both Ike Flitcraft & Tanner Gillman were in, in which Flitcraft sang about "unleashing a pack of bloodthirsty wolves".

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