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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This series contains scenes of blood, alcohol drinking, gun violence, graphic violence, murder and mild language. Viewer discretion is advised!

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For the series' main heroes, Rex and Vice, please see James Carlson and Vice.

Hasbro's Demon Warriors is an American superhero television series co-developed by Hasbro and Toei Company, serving as both an adaptation of Kamen Rider Revice (the thirty-second installment of the Kamen Rider Series) as well as the first entry in what would later become to be known as the Justice Warriors Series. The show began airing on September 2, 2023 alongside Power Rangers Robo Force as part of Netflix's brand new Super-Charged Afternoons programming block and the series motifs are animals, stamps and demons.

After Robo Force had concluded on February 17, 2024, Demon Warriors was joined in the lineup the following week by Power Rangers Ancient Legends. The week after Demon Warriors' finale, the series would be replaced in the lineup by Hasbro's TBA Warriors.


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An organization known simply as The Dealership is an evil group that sells their nefarious services to humans and through the use of the mysterious Demon Stamps, heartless monsters known as D-Droids are born from within the human's heart and will do whatever it takes to make their contract owners greedy and selfish desires come true by any means necessary! They also use the stamps they collect to find and locate the suitable vessels that they need in order to be able to revive their master, Lord Zorgaroth.

However, one hero stands in their way to protect the world and he himself has a contract with Vice, a kind hearted, wise cracking and 4th wall breaking D-Droid that lives within his body. Can James and Vice save the day or will The Dealership conquer all?


Justice Warriors

TV Show

Demon Warrior Rex James Carlson
Demon Warrior Vice Vice
Demon Warrior Revice James Carlson & Vice
Demon Warrior Noble Drew Carlson
Demon Warrior Shadow Claw/Drew Carlson ► Claw
Demon Warrior Fang Olivia Carlson
Demon Warrior Toxin Ryan LopezOltecaGeorge Myers
Demon Warrior Imperial Danny Adams ►◄ Amon/Danny Adams
Demon Warrior Unity Luke Davis/Danny Adams
Demon Warrior Lethal Toxin Jacob Parker
Demon Warrior Venom Hannah Fenton


Demon Warrior Century Caleb Hawkins/Nathaniel Hawkins


Carlson Family Bathhouse

Phoenix Corps


Rockefeller Foundation


The Dealership

Queen Bee D-Droid Aguilera
Squid D-Droid & Shrimp D-Droid Olteca
Wolf D-Droid Julio
Chameleon D-Droid "Kyle Dawson"
Tiger D-Droid Emmanuel Davies
Worm D-Droid Maya Collins
Contract Holders

The Cult of Shadows

Devil Warrior Brigade
Devil Warrior #1 Unnamed Demon
Devil Warrior #2 Unnamed Demon
Devil Warrior Cobra Unnamed Demon
Devil Warrior Eternal Unnamed Demon
Devil Warrior Sorcerer Unnamed Demon
Devil Warrior Duke Unnamed Demon
Devil Warrior Flight Unnamed Demon
Devil Warrior King Unnamed Demon


Main article: Episodes (Demon Warriors)

  1. Signing the Contract
  2. Bad to the Bone
  3. Hostage Situation
  4. Soaring to New Heights
  5. Who is the Traitor?
  6. The Face Behind the Mask
  7. Skateboarding Spiders
  8. A Family Vacation in Hell
  9. Runaway Brother
  10. Breaking Free
  11. Davis and Adams: Heroes for Life
  12. My Demonic Sister (Part 1)
  13. My Demonic Sister (Part 2)
  14. An Acciderrrntal Power-Up!
  15. Betrayal...
  16. Target Acquired
  17. My Christmas Wish
  18. A Volcanic Reaction
  19. Miraculous Elements
  20. Webs of Danger
  21. Ryan's Last Stand (Part 1)
  22. Ryan's Last Stand (Part 2)
  23. The Dark Vice Rises
  24. Demons Just Wanna Have Fun
  25. Save the Doctor
  26. Family Matters
  27. Heavenly Justice
  28. A Demons Rampage
  29. Extreme Wind
  30. Another Fudging Clipshow
  31. It's Showtime (Part 1)
  32. It's Showtime (Part 2)
  33. The Vision of a Queen
  34. Till Death Do Us Part
  35. Demon Vs Demon
  36. Crimes Against Humanity
  37. The Great Purge
  38. Bring Her Back Home


  1. Hasbro's Demon Warriors: The Movie
  2. Unnamed Second Movie


  1. Vice's Christmas Chaos
  2. Hasbro's Demon Warriors: The Rise of Imperial


  • There were two versions of the show produced for Netflix during it's run due to Hasbro's wishes to make a more mature series that teens and young adults who watched the original Japanese version online could get behind. These were:
    • The "Kid-Friendly" version which aired at 12pm EST on Saturday afternoons as part of the Super-Charged Afternoons block. This version censors any depictions of adult themes by either replacing the word that was just said or the drink being consumed (in the case of swearing and alcohol use) or showing shots from a different angle/perspective (graphic violence). This version is rated TV-PG.
    • The "True" version would air at 10pm EST on Saturday evenings and it would keep all the beforementioned things intact. Despite the series not being an anime, this version of the show would also be shown during Adult Swim's Toonami block an hour later at 11pm EST. This version is rated TV-14-LV.
  • Because of this series, Revice is the first Kamen Rider series to be adapted since Ryuki was adapted into Dragon Knight in early 2009.
  • This is the first time since Saban's Masked Rider that both a Sentai and Rider adaptation have aired on the same network (Or in this case, streaming service) during their runs.
  • Despite being set in the same universe as it's first Super-Charged Afternoons partner (Power Rangers Robo Force), Demon Warriors is actually set AFTER the final battle with Emperor Zenkai which explains Luke and Danny's appearances from episode 11 onwards (Even though it ain't a sequel and Robo Force was still airing at the time of the show's premiere). Although it's second partner has been confirmed to be set in an alternate universe despite featuring Luke and Danny as part of it's main cast.

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