Grandpa Tachibana
Emperor Rider
Gender: Male
Series: Armor Rider
Motif: Golden Apple
Rider Type: Main Antagonist
Homeworld: Earth
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Emperor Rider

He is one of the 15 riders and serves as the main antagonist in Armor Rider, you don't ever see his face, but, he is the head of the Tachibana family, he is the only antagonist, aside from the villains in MRW Origins: Leader, MRW Origins: Lieutenant, and MRW Origins: Commander, but he was the only villain to never show his face, the three original villains in MRW Origins, never shown their face til the end of the series, but he died at mid season.

Character History

He was the Main Antagonist for the first half of the series, he never really sown his face.


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Apple Arms

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