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Goro Izumi

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G7-00XVZS G7 Icarus
G7-00XYZ G7 Icarus XYZ
G7-00XSC New G7 Icarus (I)
Gender: Male
Aliases: Kuroba
"Aniki" (兄貴? lit., "Big brother") (by Reiji Matsushima)
"Boss" (ボス Bosu?) (by Shinya Aizawa)
Series: Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol. 3: Fates Intertwined
Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 YEARS PRELUDE feat. Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki
Motif: Wingsuit, Skydiver, Battle Armor, Crow, Prototype (G7 Icarus Strike Armor)
Jetpack, Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos), Stealth fighter (G7 Icarus XYZ StealthCrow Armor)
Pilot, Stealth bomber, Hazmat Suit, Afterburner, Spoutbag (New G7 Icarus)
Wingsuit, Skydiver, Battle Armor, Raven (Corvus corax) (G7 Icarus XYZ EX Strike Armor)
Rider Type: Protagonist (Ep. 1-128)
Anti-Hero/Hero (currently)
Anti-Villain (Undercover Facade, formerly)
Affiliation: ZETA Technology Industries
Special Operations Liberation and Guardian Unit
Homeworld: Earth (World of Build/Merged Timeline)
First Appearance: Fast Forward
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
160 (Metroid: KRG Vol. 3)
47 (Go-Onger 10 YEARS PRELUDE)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Taishi Nakagawa
Sam Riegel (Taki Gaiden; English Dub ep 2-24)
Josh Keaton (Taki Gaiden; English Dub ep 26-onward)
Kamen Rider G7 Icarus
Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ
Kamen Rider New G7 Icarus

G7 Icarus (clearer version)

Kamen Rider G7 Icarus Strike Armor

G7 Icarus XYZ
Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ StealthCrow Armor

G7 Icarus XYZ EX-Strike Armor (cropped)
Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ EX Strike Armor

"XYZ Change!"
―Pre-Hazard Level 50 G7 Icarus XYZ's call whenever he changes forms[src]

"Chou Henshin!"
―G7 Icarus XYZ's Archangel Armor and New G7 Icarus's transformation call[src]

"Bare witness of the bond between us!"
―Goro's catchphrase, shared alongside Taki before transforming into Jet Phoenix Armor[src]

"It's time to soar beyond fate!"
―G7 Icarus XYZ's pre-EX Strike Armor transformation catchphrase[src]

"My wings are the embodiment of justice!"
―G7 Icarus's first pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"Now, you are marked for judgment!"
―G7 Icarus XYZ's second pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"Go faster beyond fate!"
―New G7 Icarus/G7 Icarus XYZ (Archangel Kerberos)'s third pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"I have no limits!"
―G7 Icarus XYZ Jet Phoenix Armor's pre-battle catchphrase, also doubles as the pre-transformation catchphrase into said form without Taki[src]

"The burning red flames of rebirth unleashed!"
―G7 Icarus XYZ Jet Phoenix Armor's alternate pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"Behold, the nightmare of the skies!"
―G7 Icarus XYZ EX Strike Armor's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"You picked the wrong Kamen Rider to mess with!"
―G7 Icarus XYZ Jet Phoenix Armor's catchphrase before a finisher[src]

"You are still 1 million years too early from destroying the Earth!"
―G7 Icarus XYZ before defeating Evolto and destroying the Pandora Box[src]

―G7 Icarus XYZ Jet Phoenix Armor's battle cry[src]

―G7 Icarus (XYZ)'s proclamation after defeating an enemy[src]

Goro Izumi (泉 五郎 Izumi Gorō?) is the main protagonist and anti-hero of Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol. 3: Fates Intertwined. He is the 27-year old (28 in Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 YEARS PRELUDE feat. Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki) is the former CEO (currently executive vice president) of ZETA Technology Industries, a company that is known for their innovative gadgetry and weapons manufacturing being provided to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and JSDF with their G7 Battle Armor series. Goro is also the younger brother of Anzu Izumi, formerly known as the Kamui Tribe ninja Rakurai, whom he is unaware of her relation to him at first until a revelation from his father via video diary.

He transforms into a unique form of Kamen Rider G7 by using the G7 Paralyzer with the Striker Key as Kamen Rider G7 Icarus (仮面ライダーG 7イカルス Kamen Raidā Jī Sebun Ikarusu?). He then upgrades with a Build Driver to become Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ (仮面ライダーG 7イカルスXYZ Kamen Raidā Jī Sebun Ikarusu Ekkusu Uai Zetto?). He was also the original Kamen Rider New G7 Icarus (仮面ライダーニューG 7イカルス Kamen Raidā Nyū Jī Sebun Ikarusu?) by transforming with the Sclash Driver and Stealth Sclashjelly before passing the Driver to Reiji Matsushima.

Following the final battle against Kaguya Kozuki and Evolto, he demoted himself as executive vice president of ZETA Tech and passed down his duties as CEO to his mentor, Natsuki Nakajima.

Character History


Goro was born sometime in 1990 as the only child of Toshihiro Izumi and Honoka Izumi, the latter being the founder of ZETA Technology Industries. Unbeknownst to Goro, he is actually the second-born child, making him the younger brother to the missing Anzu Izumi. According to his father's video diary, they covered up Anzu's disappearance from him since he was too young to find out the truth at that time until his coming of age. The Memory Remains Ten years later, he and his parents were hit by a truck while driving in the midst of the pitch-black night. During the incident, he was saved by a mysterious individual who whispered to him to "live on" and promises to protect him. Goro miraculously survived the accident, but he sustained a massive scar in his abdomen. Unfortunately, his parents died two days after.

He was later taken in and raised by his grandfather Takagi Izumi, all while inheriting his family's inheritance. Growing up, Goro became a child prodigy inventor, and is recognized by his peers because of his formidable genius. As a teen, Goro is very ambitious with the intent of recognizing the world of his intelligence.

At the age of 21, Goro graduated with a master's degree in Computer Science in Tohoku University. He immediately worked in ZETA Technology Industries as a tech intern, under the guidance of his then mentor Natsuki Nakajima. Goro's level of intellect along with his talents for gadgetry leads to him be promoted to higher ranks, and ultimately as the CEO at the age of  25, carrying on the legacy of his father.


"That guy can be sometimes naive and soft for his own good. But, ever since the whole war over the Pandora Box and at the same time Evolto was pulling the strings. The you after your memories were lost has the conviction and resolve to do whatever it takes to protect those around him. He trusted his friends and has faith in them above all else. Are you also feeling the same way deep in your heart?"
―Goro bringing up to Takumi Katsuragi about his "other self" when he lost his memories.[src]
Goro is a gentlemanly, charming and hard-working man who values hard work and perseverance above all else, being a CEO of a multinational company, he proves to be a stubborn workaholic and is well-respected authority figure of ZETA Technology Industries. He is quite arrogant, brash, ego-centric, and self-absorbed considering his reputation and good publicity. On the surface, he sounds calm and collected. His aloof and stoic demeanor serves as an exterior to his true personality: Goro is loud and hot-blooded, which serves as a contrast to the emotionless and quiet Taki.  Also, he is also a prodigy since his teenage years establishing many accomplishments in his life with his superhumanly genius-level intellect, and eventually becoming the self-made man that he is now.

But, Goro is not without a dark and troubled side, as his true personality is that of a textbook Byronic hero. Having lost his parents to a car accident which left him miraculously survived, Goro grew up in a life of loneliness; becoming antisocial and insecure of himself, prefering to be isolated under his mansion's workshop. Despite all his accomplishments, Goro is desperate in looking for a purpose in his life besides being a hard-working corporate boss. In contrast to the Space Explorers, Goro is very cold, tactical, and pragmatic, he is more willing make decisions that are morally questionable even if by means necessary and is very aware of the consequences of his actions. Unlike most anti-heroic Riders, Goro can be nasty, sociopathic, and spiteful if he wants to, occasionally showcasing a mean and sadistic streak, preferring to rush things and deal with complicated situations the only way he knew how, which causes problems for the other characters. Goro has an aversion to killing as his moral code, nevertheless he's has no hesitation of killing unless it's necessary. Beneath it all, lies a passionate man of indomitable will and the willingness to defy fate.

Goro has a tendency to be paranoid even in the most unpleasant situations, and he is very aware of it. Making him disturbingly similar to Gentoku Himuro. Unlike Sento, who can be easily pushed too far during the ensuing conflict for the Pandora Box, Goro prefered to stay on the sidelines until he takes the opportunity to take action. His paranoia serve as his fatal flaw; in which he's prone to make wrong judgments based on theory in his point of view that haphazardly puts him or anyone around him in danger.

After learning his father's secret about his older sister, Goro seems to be both saddened and disappointed by his father's actions at the same time due to the fact that he is unaware of Anzu's disappearance before his birth. It is likely that his parents want to pressure him on being made an heir to his father's company above all else. Regardless of that, it was revealed the reason his father had to keep a secret from him, is for Goro to find Anzu in his coming of age. After reuniting with his sister, Goro is determined to do whatever he can to make up for the 27 years she missed, even though that their parents are long gone. Nevertheless, Goro cares for his older sister's well-being and is more mature towards her in comparison.

After learning his sister's motives in taking revenge against Faust, Goro is against her agenda due to the fact that her actions will not only bring harm to those she cares (including Goro himself), but also to innocent lives. This is because he believes that revenge is a pointless concept, and a product of endangering innocent people.

Despite his superficial pride, bravado, and flaws, Goro deeply cares for other people and is willing to help them in need. This is likely after meeting notable people like Taki, a kunoichi from the past who ends up settling into his home along with her student and Sento Kiryu, a scientist from Touto whose level of intellect rivals his to the point they develop an odd friendship. Eventually, that goal in life he was seeking after was actually protecting humanity.

After finding out Sento's past identity as Takumi Katsuragi, who is responsible for experimenting on his sister, his friendship with Sento is strained to the point Goro attempts to kill him in revenge for his sister. However, Anzu stops him from doing so. Because if he did kill Sento, Goro would have become as vengeful as his sister. He forgives Sento in a begrudging way out of respect as he knows that a Kamen Rider has a responsibility to protect people, regardless of how he got his powers. Unfortunately, when the war for Pandora Box break out, he is left with no choice to betray Sento, although it was actually a facade. This is later justified once Goro becomes weary of the Hazard Trigger, Goro steeled himself to stop Sento in the event the latter going rogue.

By the time the war between for the Pandora Box immediately break out, Goro is determined to stop the war by all means necessary. Even if it means for him to get his hands dirty; he plays on both sides of the conflict and willingly fractured his friendship with Sento as a means to do so. He has no qualms disobeying Kazumi Sawatari's orders, butting heads with him or any of the Hokuto Three Crows, or even manipulating the trio's stupidity by extension to further his plans. Despite being at odds against Kazumi, Goro seems to have genuine respect towards him, Both Kazumi and his men reciprocated that same respect in return, to the point that the Hokuto Three Crows convinced him to be turned into Hazard Smashes, despite his warnings knowing that they might die upon defeat, thus left without a choice after Akaba told everything he and his comrades went through before they were drafted to Hokuto's military.

Goro has a couple of catchphrases, as Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ, before a battle he says, "You are marked for judgment!" (貴様はジャッジメントの目印! Kisama wa jajjimento no mejirushi!?). As New G7 Icarus, and G7 Icarus XYZ Archangel Kerberos and EX Strike Armor, he says "Go faster beyond fate!" (運命を超えてに速く進むぜ! Unmei o koete ni hayaku susumu ze!?). In Jet Phoenix Armor, he says "I have no limits!" (俺の限界いわない! Ore no genkai iwanai!?) before going to battle. However, before transforming, both he and Taki will proclaim altogether, "Bare witness of the bond between us!" (見せてやるぜ俺達の絆! Misete yaru ze oretachi no kizuna!?). And before transforming into EX-Strike Armor, he also says  "It's time to soar beyond fate!" (運命を通してに覚悟を飛ばせ! Unmei o tōshite ni kakugo o tobase!?). After defeating an enemy, he usually says "Checkmate!" (チェックメイト! Chekkumeito!?) as if he treated a battle like a game of chess.

In spite of his polite, suave, charming and charismatic traits, Goro, like most characters in the story, has a tendency to swear and showcase crude, belligerent, and ungentlemanly behavior. He often addresses other people (with the exception of the Space Explorers, Anzu, Taki, Natsu, and Sento) with てめえ ( Temē?), a pronoun used by delinquents, especially towards people he doesn't like. Despite being a chick magnet, Goro has a tendency to hurt women, especially if they have done something wrong, such as in the case of Hikaru Togami when she was exposed as a serial killer who let loose the Reaper Bugster.

By Taki Gaiden: The Kunoichi Who Leapt Through Time, with his and Anzu's powers are lost, but retained his memories of his days as a Kamen Rider, Goro has matured into a much better person than he was before. He seems to have high regard for Sougo Tokiwa's ambitions of kinghood, to which at first he finds as questionable and wants him to succeed on his goal. But this also doesn't change his brash and headstrong attitude as well his habits of swearing. In turn, he often gives Taki advice of the hardships of being a Rider and warns her not to repeat his and his sister's mistakes in the past.


Powers And Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Goro's defining trait is his formidable intelligence, rivaling that of Sento Kiryu and Kuroto Dan. As a child prodigy, he is recognized for inventions that is known to ZETA Tech. Similarly, Goro has built the majority, if not all, of the G7 System's arsenals on his own.
  • Genius-Level Strategist: Paired with his intelligence is his ability to formulate plans of any kind; be it convoluted or precisely adjustable methods.
  • Hazard Level 100: After gaining access to Archangel Armor, Goro is injected by Anzu's internal Nebula Gas through the Arc-Winger, starting with a Hazard Level of 50. At this point he gains superhuman abilities much like her sister did during the time she was experimented by Faust. Goro can now transform with the Build Driver (and later, Sclash Driver) without any restrictions, while he remains unaffected by anti-Nebula Gas system of his suit. After gaining access into Jet Phoenix Armor, his Hazard Level has reached at its maximum limit: 100, a level that can't be normally unattainable by any conventional means. 
  • Quickdraw Proficiency: The greatest feat to Goro's fighting style is his ability to take out his sidearm in a split-second. This ability is also inherited by his older sister.
  • Tengokuryuken: This is Goro's signature fighting style. With this, he can defeat his opponents at a time-delayed effect. Similarly, Anzu has a version of his fighting style combined with her ninja arts.
  • Fullbottle Augmentation:By using a Fullbottle in his hand without transforming, Goro can gain abilities on said Fullbottle's traits. It is also possible for him to use two Fullbottles in conjunction, something that none of his fellow Riders have never done before.
    • Jet Phoenix: Goro can revive a deceased person by injecting the Fullbottle's essence into their corpse. This is one of the few abilities that fits the phoenix motif where the normal Phoenix Fullbottle could not.
    • Crow: Allows Goro to gain fast reflexes, even more faster than Sento's usage of the Rabbit Fullbottle. In addition, it allows Goro to parry strikes at lightning fast speed. First used in his sparring with Ryuga Banjo.
    • Light: Allows Goro to perform electrified punches. First used in his sparring with Ryuga Banjo in tandem with the Crow Fullbottle.
  • Hazard Level Ability Restriction: One of the functions of Archangel Armor. Goro can seal certain abilities of a Smash, Build Driver, and/or Transteam Gun user when donning the armor.
    • Hazard Level Reduction: Goro can use Archangel Armor's ability to permanently de-power anyone with a high Hazard Level upon contact by neutralizing the effects of Nebula Gas of the target's body, reducing their Hazard Levels to 0. It also applies when G7 Icarus XYZ inflicts melee damage against a Smash or anyone using a Build Driver, Sclash Driver or Transteam Gun, etc., the target's Hazard Level is permanently reduced.
    • Transteam System Nullification: According to Anzu Izumi, the Archangel Armor is designed to disable the Transteam System. This is paired with the armor's ability to decrease the opponent's Hazard Level upon contact, rendering the usage of the Transteam Gun useless. This was demonstrated in G7 Icarus XYZ's fight against Blood Stalk, as each time Stalk takes damage, it not only degraded his Hazard Level, it also leaves Soichi unable to use the Transteam Gun after his Hazard Level is reduced to 0. One More Light
  • Rider System Reverse Engineering: Due to his affinity for gadgetry and technology, Goro is impeccably capable of reverse engineering Takumi Katsuragi's creations such as the Build Driver and Sclash Driver. A feat that would be overshadowed by Nariaki Utsumi. As such being able to construct backups of his Build Driver, as well as Sclash Drivers for Grease and G7 Type-S in the event of their belts being destroyed. This explains how Goro created his own Sclash Driver by reverse engineering Sawatari's own Driver by disassembling its components before putting them back together properly.
  • Indomitable Will: Goro's defining trait is his unyielding determination. On the surface, he appears to be mild-mannered, charismatic, and professional, but it only served as a front to his passionate and hot-blooded personality. He is also shown to survive near-death experiences such as falling into the Earth at an atmospheric entry after his fight against Shingetsu-Orochi.
  • Time Alteration Memory Erasure Immunity: Goro is one of the four Riders (the others being Samus, Anzu, and Reiji) whose powers already contained in the Ridewatches in Taki's possession to having retained his memories of his days as a Kamen Rider.


  • Narcissism: Much like Sento, Goro suffers a case of textbook narcissism. He has overwhelming confidence in his own skills, so he tends to be proud of his own achievements and look down on others (especially anyone who relies on his inventions), which contributes to his prideful personality. This also applies to his fighting skills, he is often blinded by his ego in the middle of the battle to the point he is caught off guard, according to Taki.
  • Hazard Trigger: Despite being able to transform with the Build Driver, the Hazard Trigger is proven to be unstable with the G7 system-integrated Build Driver. As the Kamen Rider G7 system being the antithesis to Takumi Katsuragi's Project Build, the Hazard Trigger is designed specifically for Build himself to access his Hazard Forms and the forms for the Full Full RabbitTank bottles.
  • Paranoia: Goro's fatal flaw is his tendency of becoming paranoid, this is carried on when he gained a high Hazard Level surpassing than those the likes of Build and Grease. This paranoia has becoming more evident when he warns Kazumi Sawatari about the Hazard Trigger in Sento's possession, which causes him to engage into disagreements with the likes of Sento and Sawatari, and even make decisions that tend to become his undoing such as freeing Gentoku Himuro from his prison caused him to resurface as Kamen Rider Rogue, as well giving Sento the Hazard Trigger nearly injuring himself. Also, Goro has a reason to be paranoid, which has becoming the drive to protect his loved ones.
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder: Goro's main fatal flaw is his sociopathic tendencies, which can be a detriment to everyone around him. Given the fact that Goro is not above resorting to morally-questionable methods, even for his own standards, Goro also shows no remorse in manipulating Ryohei Kusanagi by having him use his Build Driver into murdering Gentoku Himuro in the proxy fight. Nevertheless, Goro is aware of his antisocial tendencies.


Strike Armor
G7 Icarus Strike Armor

Strike Armor

"Transformation Command confirmed. G7 Strike Armor suit up sequence initiated!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 177.8 cm.
  • Weight: 92.5 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 10.5 t.
  • Kicking power: 19.5 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 120.7 m. (one leap)
  • Maximum running speed: 145 m. per 0.117 sec.
  • Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 1.5 (1,150 mph, 1,852 km/h)

Strike Armor (ストライクアーマー Sutoraiku Amā?) is G7 Icarus's prototype trial based wingsuit form, which is accessed through the Striker G7 Armor Key. Being a prototype trial of the mass produced versions of the G7 Battle Armors, it is identical aesthetically, but the major difference is its helmet, which omitted the beetle horn in exchange for wing-like ornaments.

Much like the G3 suits from Kamen Rider Agito, all G7 armors have an AI fitted in the suits operating system; only an operator with a clear consciousness can operate it without being physically taxing on the body. However, the prototype is shown to be highly taxing due to it can take a toll into the user's body.

Strike Armor's insert theme is entitled "Appassionato", which also doubles as the insert theme for its Build Driver upgraded conversion.

In contrast to Build due to having variety of Best Matches as forms, the G7 Icarus XYZ system lacks the ability to use Build's Best Matches, and the G7 System has only two available accessible Best Match exclusively to this Rider System.

StealthCrow Armor
G7 Icarus XYZ StealthCrow Armor

StealthCrow Armor

"Crow! Stealth! Best Match! Are you Ready? (Suspenseful music) Tengoku no Black Wings! StealthCrow! Yeahhh!"
―StealthCrow Armor's transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 177.8 cm.
  • Weight: 102.5 kg.

Ability Perimeters (Pre-Hazard Level 50 → Hazard Level 50):

  • Punching power: 35.5 t. → 39.4 t.
  • Kicking power: 42.5 t. → 44.8 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 143.7 m. → 149.2 m (one leap)
  • Maximum running speed: 177 m. per 0.117 sec.
  • Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 3.5 (2,685.44 mph, 4,321 km/h)

StealthCrow Armor (ステルスクロウアーマー Suterusu Kurou Amā?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's Best Match upgraded form of his prototype Strike Armor. Accessed through the Crow and Stealth Fullbottles, hence known as the Heavenly Black Wings (天国のブラックウィングス Tengoku no Burakku Uingusu?). It is themed after a crow and stealth fighter.

As expected for the evolution of G7 Icarus into G7 Icarus XYZ, his stats are given an exponential boost. What separates from this form from the prototype is that G7 Icarus XYZ can fly with the use of a mechanical bird called Shadow Winger that acts as a wingpack, and thus without the need to spread his arms sidewards to fly like the original G7 Icarus.

This form carries three sets of weapons; G7 Sky Buster, Neo Artemis, and Yoshiyuki Shin both are upgraded versions of their prototype counterparts.

As a Best Match, this form has five finishers:

  • Build Driver finisher:
    • Vortex Finish (ボルテックフィニッシュ Borutekku Finisshu?):
      • Rider Kick: G7 Icarus XYZ strikes his target with an energized, front roundhouse kick. While in action, a holographic protractor appears beneath G7 Icarus XYZ's feet along with a geometric compass behind him, the compass’s adjusting nut moves in a synchronized manner with his legs upon kicking the opponent. Similar to Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer, the finisher takes effect after a few seconds.
      • Space-Time Shattering Burst Spinning Punch (時空烈断バーストスピニングパンチ Jikū Retsudan Bāsuto Supiningu Panchi?): By channeling the energy of the Stealth and Crow Full Bottles, G7 Icarus XYZ slugs the enemy with a powerful punch. The finisher takes effects after a few seconds and takes form of a double-helix shaped cyclone that sends the target skywards. This can be executed as a double-team move with Taki.
      • Byakko Cutter (白虎カッター Byakko Kattā?, "White Tiger Cutter"): While wielding the Silver Fang, G7 Icarus XYZ performs a powerful slash by unleashing an energy construct that takes form of a white tiger's head on the enemy.
      • Pythagorean Theorem Reversal (三平方の定理返し Sanheihō no Teiri-gaeshi?): G7 Icarus XYZ hits the target with three energy slashes in a triangle formation with the Yoshiyuki Shin. Or in this case, a right angled triangle, then fires it to the target to paralyze them, allowing him for a fourth slash to finish them off. The finisher takes effect after G7 Icarus XYZ re-sheathes the Yoshiyuki Shin.
  • G7 Sky Buster finisher:
    • Vortex Burst (ボルテックバースト Borutekku Bāsuto?): G7 Icarus XYZ channels the energy of two Fullbottles in his Sky Buster and performs a powerful blast taking form of a double-helix beam.
      • Kurage & Bakudan: G7 Icarus XYZ shoots a purple and black energy blast at the enemy that not only poisons them, it causes the target's body to inflate like a balloon and explode.
      • Spider & Reizoko: G7 Icarus XYZ shoots a white and sky blue energy blast at the enemy and the shot takes form of an icy spider-web that instantly freezes the target solid upon contact.
      • Ambulance: G7 Icarus XYZ shoots himself instead of the target to quickly heal himself. However, the healing process causes him to experience excruciating pain.
  • Yoshiyuki Shin finisher:
    • Vortex Cutter (ボルテックカッター Borutekku Kattā?): G7 Icarus XYZ channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Yoshiyuki Shin and performs a series of powerful slash attacks covered with electricity. This finisher takes effect after sheathing the sword back on the scabbard, just like the original Yoshiyuki. The effect depends on the Full Bottle inserted.
      • Kamakiri: G7 Icarus XYZ skewers the enemy into shreds.
      • Reizoko: G7 Icarus XYZ stabs the sword on the ground, releasing a shock wave made of spiked ice.
      • Crow: G7 Icarus XYZ performs a violet energy slash.
  • Neo Artemis finisher:
    • Vortex Charge (ボルテックチャージ Borutekku Chāji?): G7 Icarus XYZ channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Neo Artemis and delivers a powerful shot at the enemy. This finisher takes effect after cycling the rifle's bolt. The effect depends on the Full Bottle inserted.
      • Scope: G7 Icarus XYZ delivers a powerful blast at the enemy.
      • Bakudan: G7 Icarus XYZ delivers a powerful blast at the enemy. The affected part where the target is shot will inflate like a balloon and explode.
  • Nova Bracer Finisher
    • Seiryuu Upper (青竜アッパー Seiryū Appā?, "Azure Dragon Upper"): By turning the throttle grip of the Nova Bracer three times, G7 Icarus XYZ uppercuts the enemy with extreme force, complete with his fist being cloaked with an energy shaped like a dragon's head.
    • Speed Time + Vortex Cutter: When Speed Time is in effect and the Boost Timer is set, G7 Icarus XYZ performs a multiple series of multiple slashes covered with blue-colored energy with lightning bolt streaks with the Yoshiyuki Shin. The finisher takes effect after the Boost Timer runs out.

This form's theme is entitled Destiny's Prelude.

PteraDrill Armor
Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ PteraDrill Armor

PteraDrill Armor

"Pterandon! Drill Best Match! Are you Ready? (Dynamic music, accompanied with drill spinning) Jigoku no Digger! PteraDrill! Yeahhh!"
―PteraDrill Armor's transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 181.8 cm.
  • Weight: 110.5 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 52.5 t.
  • Kicking power: 47.9 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 139.5 m. (one leap)
  • Maximum running speed: 155 m. per 0.117 sec.
  • Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 2.0 (1,534.54 mph, 2,469 km/h)

PteraDrill Armor (プテラドリルアーマー Putera Doriru Amā?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's upgraded Best Match form. Accessed through the Pteranodon and Drill Fullbottles, hence known as Hell's Digger (地獄のディガー Jigoku no Digā?)

"Arc-Winger, Mission Start! Are you Ready?! (Angelic chorus followed by upbeat rock guitar solo) Terase yo El Ragna! G7 Arc-Winger! Yea-Yeahhh!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Any form that uses the Arc-Winger's ending theme is entitled "White Reflection", also doubles as the insert theme for Kamen Rider G7 Type-S.

Archangel Armor

Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ Archangel Armor

Archangel Armor

Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ Archangel Armor (full wings)

Archangel Armor (full wings)

Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ Archangel Final - Incomplete

Archangel Armor (minus the Raphael Goggles and Barachiel Visor)

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 199.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 109.5 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 65.9 t.
  • Kicking power: 82.5 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 177.2 m. (one leap)
  • Maximum running speed: 157 m. per 0.117 sec.
  • Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 4.5 (3,452.71 mph, 5,556.6 km/h)

Archangel Armor (アーチエンジェルアーマー Āchienjeru Amā?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's super mode. Accessed by loading the Archangel Fullbottle into the Arc-Winger and slotting it into the Build Driver similar to the function of Cross-Z Dragon. It is themed after an angel.

In this form, G7 Icarus XYZ's stats skyrockets beyond that of the individual abilities of StealthCrow and PteraDrill Armors, Build's RabbitTank Sparkling, Cross-Z, and even Night Rogue and Blood Stalk's. In addition, while in this form, G7 Icarus XYZ's familiar, Shadow Winger also evolves into Seraphi-Shadow Winger, replacing its robotic wings with four beautiful angelic wings.

In this form, G7 Icarus XYZ's armor and helmet are reinforced with:

  • Stare of Michael (マイケルの凝視 Maikeru no Gyōshi?): These eyes-like pattern are present in every part of the Archangel Armor from the arms, breastplate, shin-guards and foot armor. These enforce the armor's ability to neutralize the Nebula Gas of the opponent upon contact.
  • Raphael Goggles (ラファエルゴーグル Rafaeru Gōguru?): The X-shaped visor that gives the user access to night vision and thermal vision to navigate in pitch-black darkness. It also doubles as a boomerang weapon.
  • Uriel Horn (ウリエルホーン Urieru Hōn?): A device installed in the helmet's horn. It serves as the jammer to the Transteam Gun's operating system, paired with the Stare of Michael's anti-Nebula Gas abilities, it seals all of the Transteam Gun's abilities.
  • Gabriel Tector (ガブリエルテクター Gaburieru Tekutā?): The face-like breastplate of the armor. It houses the Barachiel Visor.
  • Barachiel Visor (バラチエルバイザー Barachieru Baizā?): The visor-like protector for the Gabriel Tector. Much like the Raphael Goggles, it also doubles as a boomerang weapon.
  • Seraphiel Legs (セラフィールレッグ Serafīru Reggu?): The leg armor. It boosts the momentum of G7 Icarus XYZ's jump.
  • Raguel Sandals (ラーゲルサンダル Rāgeru Sandaru?): The foot armor. It allows G7 Icarus XYZ to float in midair without Seraphi-Shadow Winger's assistance.

Archangel Armor's defining ability is to de-power anyone with a higher Hazard Level, as this armor was designed by Anzu to negate the functions of the Transteam system while staying true to the G7's anti-Nebula Gas system. This was best shown in Goro's fight against Blood Stalk, as each time G7 Icarus XYZ damages Soichi in Blood Stalk's suit, his Hazard Level starts to deteriorate from above Hazard Level 3+ to being reduced to 2.5. The second time G7 Icarus XYZ fights Stalk, Goro permanently de-powers Soichi of his Hazard Level to the point the latter being unable to use the Transteam Gun.

G7 Icarus XYZ's weapon in this form is the XGMWR-05 Requiem, a modular multi-weapon rack unit that utilizes three sets of weapon attachments - a pulse laser rifle, chainsaw, and spear.

When Goro first accessed this form, prior to transforming, he was painfully injected with Anzu's internal Nebula Gas in which she used as the power source for Arc-Winger. As a result, he gains a Hazard Level that surpasses that Build, Cross-Z, Night Rogue, and Blood Stalk. However, he was able to overcome the effects of the Nebula Gas, thus granting him a Hazard Level of 50. This is due to the fact that Goro is experienced with the G7 armor's operating system along with the suit being equipped with anti-Nebula Gas filtration nodes.

This form has two finishers:

  • Build Driver finisher:
    • Ragna Finish (ラグナフィニッシュ Raguna Finisshu?): G7 Icarus XYZ jumps into the air, with Seraphi-Shadow Winger attaching into his back. Then, he dives down to the foe and performs a series of kicks before finishing the opponent with a knee strike into the head.
  • XGMWR-05 Requiem finishers:
    • XGMWR-05+XAR-06 Warhammer:
      • Fuma Bakuryuhou (風魔爆竜砲 Fūma Bakuryū-hō?, lit., "Wind Demon Exploding Dragon Cannon"):
    • XGMWR-05+XAS-07 Kagekiri:
      • Friday the Thirteenth (フライデーザサーティーン Furaidē Za Sātīn?): After inputting 2-1-7 into the Requiem and pressing Enter, G7 Icarus XYZ slashes the opponent using the Kagekiri Chainsaw attachment.
    • XGMWR-05+XAD-08 Yoroitoshi:
      • Longinus (ロンギヌス Ronginusu?): After inputting 4-8-6 into the Requiem and pressing Enter, G7 Icarus XYZ throws the Requiem Yoroitoshi with all his might at the opponent, similar to a javelin.

Archangel Kerberos
Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ Archangel Cerberus Winged

Archangel Kerberos

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 194.7 cm
  • Rider Weight: 112.5 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 100.5 t.
  • Kicking power: 100.5 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 177.2 m. (one leap)
  • Maximum running speed: 142 m. per 0.117 sec.
  • Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 4.5 (3,452.71 mph, 5,556.6 km/h)

Archangel Kerberos (アーチエンジェルケルベロス Āchienjeru Keruberosu?, lit., "Archangel Cerberus") is G7 Icarus XYZ's hybrid super form by upgrading Archangel Armor with the Kerberos Fullbottle. It is themed after an angel and the mythical creature, Cerberus; and more particularly the Kerberos Smash.

In this form, Seraphi-Shadow Winger, and all five Cerberobot Units combine with G7 Icarus XYZ. The black Cerberobot Zero-One forms the body armor and the Garugetsu Fang (ガルゲツファング Garugetsu Fangu?) head on the chest, and lastly the Garugetsu Met (ガルゲツメット Garugetsu Metto?). The red Cerberobot Zero-Two and green Cerberobot Zero-Three form Build Lupus Arm Zero-Two (ビルドループスアームゼロツー Birudo Rūpusu Āmu Zero Tsū?) and Build Gekiretsu Arm Zero-Three (ビルド激烈アームゼロスリー Birudo Gekiretsu Āmu Zero Surī?), respectively; both of which have reinforced hydraulics allowing G7 Icarus XYZ to hold the Fullbottle Buster with one hand. Lastly, the blue Cerberobot Zero-Three and yellow Cerberobot Zero-Five form Flash Edge Tector Zero-Four (フラッシュエッジテクターゼロフォー Furasshu Ejji Tekutā Zero Fō?) and Shining Edge Tector Zero-Five (シャイニングエッジテクターゼロファイブ Shainingu Ejji Tekutā Zero Faibu?), respectively.

This form has two finishers:

  • Build Driver finisher:
    • Ragna Finish (ラグナフィニッシュ Raguna Finisshu?):

Jet Phoenix Armor
"Jet Visor, Buildrize! Are you Ready? (Orchestral waltz mixed with dramatic heavy metal guitar riff) Fumetsu no Tsubasa Moyasu! (Requiem Aeternam) G7 Jet Phoenix! Moeru! (Dona eis Domine)"
―Jet Phoenix Armor transformation announcement[src]
Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ Jet Phoenix Armor

Jet Phoenix Armor

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 199.23 cm
  • Rider Weight: 104.25 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 125.8 t
  • Kicking Power: 118.4 t
  • Jump Height:
    • Base Jump Height: 99.7 m.
    • Maximum Jump height: 187.5 m. (one leap)
  • Maximum Running Speed: 177 m. per 0.117 sec.
  • Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 10.5 (8,056.32 mph, 12,956.4 km/h)

Jet Phoenix Armor (ジェットフェニックスアーマー Jetto Fenikkusu Āmā?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's final form, accessed by inserting the G7 Jet Visor (loaded with the Jet Phoenix Fullbottle), inserting it into the Build Driver, and turning the Vortex Lever, hence known as the Immortal Burning Wings (不滅の翼燃やす Fumetsu no Tsubasa Moyasu?). This form is comparable to Kamen Rider Double's CycloneJokerXtreme and Kamen Rider Drive's Type Tridoron. This form serves is analogous to Kamen Rider Genm's God Maximum Gamer Level 1000000000.

Of all categories of his previous forms, as well most of the other Riders - G7 Icarus XYZ has surpassed even Build and his contemporaries. Due to the Jet Phoenix Fullbottle finished with the assistance of Vernage, this is the only form where G7 Icarus XYZ can permanently destroy any of the four Pandora Demon Beasts.

In this form, G7 Icarus XYZ is armed and protected with the Flame Reviber ver.II (フレイムリヴァイバーバージョンII Fureimu Rivaibā Bājon Tsu?) gauntlets, a more superior version of the original Flame Reviber gauntlets of the Phoenix Halfbody, for pyrokinetic attacks, the ICR Jet Tector (ICRジェットテクター Ai Shi Aru Jetto Tekutā?) shoulder armor, the Rudriya Darpana Lung (ルトリヤ・ダーヴァナラング Rutoriya Dāvuana Rangu?, lit., "Terrifying Mirror Lung") chest armor that protects the ICR Soul Core (ICRソウルコア Ai Shi Aru Souru Koa?) located at the center of the form's undersuit; where Taki's consciousness is stored during fusion transformation, and lastly, the leg-mounted G7 Nekketsu Leggers (G7ネッケツレガース Jī Sebun Nekketsu Regāsu?, lit., "G7 Hot-blooded Leggers")

The Flame Reviber ver.II and the antennas of the ICR Jet Tector contain XYZ Warp Manipulators (XYZワープマニピュレータ Ekkusu Uai Zetto Wāpu Manipyurēta?), that enables G7 Icarus XYZ to open portals created from the fabric of space. This ability of creating cyberspace-like portals are alternatives as a means of gaining entry into the Pandora Tower from the central exterior of the Sky Wall.

On the back of Jet Phoenix Armor is the Brahmastra Wings (ブラマストラウイング Buramasutora Uingu?), a variation of the Empirial Wings that grant him the ability to fly. The wings also house detatchable Fin-Feathers (フィンフェザー Fin-Fezā?), G7 Icarus XYZ can either launch these Fin-Feathers at his target(s). They can defend against incoming attacks by having them fly around each other at high speeds.

Given the fact that Taki is fused both body and soul into Goro's body during transformation, the side effect of the fusion is that Taki can assume control of Goro's body when needed, as shown whenever Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru are summoned. Ever since Taki gains the Denryujin and subsequently the Victory Armor, Goro can now transform into Jet Phoenix Armor on his own.

In addition of retaining the Build Driver variant G7 system weapons (XGM-01II G7 Sky Buster, XGR-02II Neo Artemis, and XGS-03II Yoshiyuki Shin), G7 Icarus XYZ can also gain access to Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru, Taki's signature dual kodachi due to the latter being fused into Goro. G7 Icarus XYZ can use the said dual kodachi whenever Taki is in control of Goro's body, since both Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru are also bonded to Taki herself.

  • Build Driver finisher:
    • Bakunetsu Kousen (バクネツ光線 Bakunetsu Kōsen?, lit., "Explosive Ray"): G7 Icarus XYZ crosses his forearms in a "plus" (+) formation and fires a beam of light.
    • Bakunetsu Finish (バクネツフィニッシュ Bakunetsu Finisshu?, lit., "Explosive Finish"):
      • Rider Break: As Jet Pegasus and Shadow Winger combine into Jet Pegasus Winger, it rams the enemy right towards a cyberspace-like portal into outer space. G7 Icarus XYZ rides into Jet Pegasus Winger and races into the depths of space before ramming through the opponent with extreme force in a similar vein to Kamen Rider Knight Survive's Final Vent, Shippudan.
      • Rider Kick: G7 Icarus XYZ opens several portals around the battlefield surrounding the opponent. G7 Icarus XYZ jumps into the portal, reappear from one portal after another all while delivering multiple powerful kicks from every portal he enter and exits, before finishing the opponent with the last and one-hundredth kick. The finisher's delayed reaction takes effect once all portals are closed seconds later.
      • Rider Slash:
        • Taki: Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru's blades extend at an unprecedented length, G7 Icarus XYZ performs a cross-slash with both two blades. After Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru are sheathed back, an "X"-shaped tear is formed between the fabric of time and space, which opens a portal. It was first used to open a portal for the Space Explorers to return back to their prime parallel world.
      • Rider Punch: Both G7 Icarus XYZ's fists ignite in flames and delivers a rapid series of punches at the enemy.
  • Fullbottle Buster finisher:
    • Just Match Break (ジャストマッチブレイク Jasuto Matchi Bureiku?): G7 Icarus XYZ channels the power of two Fullbottle for either a powerful slash or a powerful shot.
      • Go-On Wings (GoldIcon-crosswiki and SilverIcon-crosswiki): Projections of Go-On Gold and Silver appear on G7 Icarus XYZ's, wielding the Switch Jet Sword Rocket DaggerIcon-crosswikis. The projections perform the Jet Dagger: Dagger Acrobat at the opponent with G7 Icarus XYZ delivers the final blow to the opponent.
    • Miracle Match Break (ミラクルマッチブレイク Mirakuru Matchi Bureiku?): G7 Icarus XYZ channels the power of three Fullbottle for either a powerful slash or a powerful shot.
    • Ultimate Match Break (アルティメットマッチブレイク Arutimetto Macchi Bureiku?): G7 Icarus XYZ channels the power of four Fullbottle for either a powerful slash or a powerful shot.
      • Crow + Stealth + Pteranodon + Drill: G7 Icarus XYZ firstly releases all eight Fin-Feathers in firing formation. He then fires both the Fullbottle Buster and Fin-Feathers simultaneously at the enemy.
    • FullFull Match Break (フルフルマッチブレイク Furu Furu Matchi Bureiku?): G7 Icarus XYZ channels the power of the FullFull RabbitTank Bottle for either a powerful slash or a powerful shot.
      • Rabbit Mode: G7 Icarus XYZ swings the Fullbottle Buster in a circular fashion before launching buzzsaw-like projectiles at the enemy
  • G7 EXlasher Finishers:
    • Exceed Slash (エクシードスラッシュ Ekushīdo Surasshu?): By plugging a Fullbottle into the top of the EXlasher before pressing the button on the EX Thumb Grip, G7 Icarus XYZ can empower the slashes he delivers with it.
      • Crow: G7 Icarus XYZ generates an "X" shaped projectile by performing a cross slash with the EXlasher before launching it to the enemy.
  • Build Driver + Fullbottle Buster finisher: G7 Icarus XYZ can combine the powers of the Build Driver and the Fullbottle Buster to perform a powerful finisher:
    • Bakunetsu Finish/Ultimate Match Break (バクネツフィニッシュ/アルティメットマッチブレイク Bakunetsu Finisshu/Arutimetto Macchi Bureiku?):
      • Castle + Kuwagata + Fukurou + Kerberos: G7 Icarus XYZ firstly releases all eight Fin-Feathers in firing formation. He then fires both the Fullbottle Buster and Fin-Feathers simultaneously at the enemy before surprising the enemy off guard with a powerful flying kick.

Jet Phoenix Armor's insert theme, entitled "Bright Burning Shout", also doubles as the ending theme for Victory Armor Taki.

EX Strike Armor
Kamen Rider G7 Icarus Strike Armor ζ

EX Strike Armor

"G7 EXlasher, Start Up! Are you Ready?! (Triumphant music) Soudai no Choujin! G7 EX Strike Armor! Subaraaashiii! (Crowd applausing with fireworks accompaniment)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 177.8 cm.
  • Weight: 92.5 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 88.5 t.
  • Kicking power: 84.4 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 149.7 m (one leap)
  • Maximum running speed: 177 m. per 0.117 sec.
  • Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 3.5 (2,685.44 mph, 4,321 km/h)

EX Strike Armor (EXストライクアーマ Ekusu Sutoraiku Amā?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's updated and upgraded version of the original Strike Armor prototype, accessed by inserting the Crow Fullbottle into the G7 EXlasher, inserting it into the Build Driver, and turning the Vortex Lever, hence known as the Magnificent Birdman (壮大の鳥人 Sōdai no Chōjin?).

EX Strike Armor's stats are marginally high than Archangel Armor and New G7 Icarus, but is still completely eclipsed by Archangel Kerberos and Jet Phoenix Armor, respectively. His perimeters blow far past Build Aureo and Evol by small margins.

In addition his ability to spread his EX Icarus Wings (EXイカルスウイング EX Ikarusu Uingu?), the upgraded version of the original Strike Armor's Icarus Wings, he possess the ability to travel in light speeds similar to Kamen Rider Kabuto's Clock Up. He is also able to attack in extremely high speeds, creating copies of himself, and block attacks quite easily, as shown in his fight against Build Aureo.

His EX Strike Met (EXストライクメト EX Sutoraiku Meto?) features the High-Frequency Jammer (高周波ジャマー Kōshūha Jamā?) node on the top of the forehead and in the "eyes" above the Raven Visor (レイヴンバイザー Reivun Baizā?), that negates the full power of the Evol-Driver and the Pandora Box.

In this form, G7 Icarus XYZ is equipped with the following armor parts:

  • EX Wing Shoulders (EXウィングショルダー EX Uingu Shorudā?): The upgraded version of the original Wing Shoulders of the Strike Armor. A pair of shoulder armor that improves G7 Icarus XYZ's attack power and accuracy. They also have built-in High-Frequency Jammers that suppresses the energy of the Pandora Box.
  • EX Neutron Gauntlet (EXニュートロンガントレット EX Nyūtoron Gantoretto?): EX Strike Armor's gauntlets, the upgraded version of the original Corvus Gauntlet. Through the High-Frequency Neutrons (高周波中性子 Kōshūha Chūseishi?), the essence converted from the Crow Full Bottle to the G7 EXlasher filled into the suit, G7 Icarus XYZ's strength and speed is enhanced. It also has special hydraulics that allows G7 Icarus XYZ to deliver rapid-fast punches.
  • EX Corvus Legs (EXコーバスレッグ EX Kōbasu Reggu?): EX Strike Armor's leg armor, the upgraded version of the original Corvus Legs of the Strike Armor. It has special hydraulics that boost the user's jumping and kicking power, and allows G7 Icarus XYZ to run faster than the speed of light.
  • Origin Breastplate (オリジンブレストプレート Orijin Buresuto Purēto?): The reinforced chest armor of the original G7 Icarus Strike Armor. It compresses and produces High-Frequency Neutrons within the Crow Full Bottle plugged into the G7 EXlasher.
  • EX Icarus Thruster (EXイカルススラスタ EX Ikarusu Surasuta?): The main propulsion units located in the back of the armor and in the EX Corvus Legs. Even without activating the EX Icarus Wings, G7 Icarus XYZ can fly as long as the propulsion systems are active.
  • EXO-Barometer (エクソバロメーター Ekuso Baromētā?): The triangular chestpiece located at the center of the Origin Breastplate. It has two functions, it has the ability to absorb energy attacks and send them back to the attacker and it also measures the power levels of the suit. Whenever the EXO-Barometer blinks in red, it indicates that the EX-Strike Armor is low on energy and has a time limit of 20 minutes before Goro is forced out of his transformation.
  • Neutron Emitters (ニュートロンエミッタ Nyūtoron Emitta?): The glowing lines present in the EX Neutron Gauntlet and EX Corvus Legs. These serve as energy links connecting to the EXO-Barometer. The emitters glow even in pitch black darkness.

Carried over from his prior forms, EX-Strike Armor retains the G7 Sky Buster, Neo Artemis, Yoshiyuki Shin, and the Shadow Saber as his main arsenal. In addition, he can also summon the weapons created by Sento such as the Drill Crusher, Hawk Gatlinger, 4Koma Ninpotou, Kaizoku Hassyar, and the Beat Closer.

This form has six finishers:

  • Build Driver Finishers:
    • Exceed Finish (エクシードフィニッシュ Ekushīdo Finisshu?): G7 Icarus XYZ flies into the air and splits into four copies of himself. The shadow clones dive into the enemy with a powerful kick.
  • G7 EXlasher Finishers:
    • Exceed Slash (エクシードスラッシュ Ekushīdo Surasshu?): By plugging a Fullbottle into the top of the EXlasher before pressing the button on the EX Thumb Grip, G7 Icarus XYZ can empower the slashes he delivers with it.
      • Crow: G7 Icarus XYZ first leaps then spins in a manner of a human bullet while holding the G7 EXlasher in front of him to strike the opponent.
  • Kiryuohken (Knight Sword Mode) Finishers:
    • Orochi Mirage (オロチミラージュ Orochi Mirāju?): By sliding on the panel once, G7 Icarus XYZ creates five copies of himself, assuming the forms of StealthCrow, PteraDril, Archangel, Archangel Kerberos, and Jet Phoenix Armors, respectively to assist him in combat. All of the copies are also equipped with duplicated versions of the Kiryuuohken.
    • Orochi Break (オロチブレーク Orochi Burēku?): By sliding on the panel twice, G7 Icarus XYZ performs a series of multiple slashes faster than the eye can see. It is powerful enough to penetrate through Kamen Rider Evol's Xeno Chest Armor and even destroy his Armilla Reactor.
    • Orochi Finish (オロチフィニッシュ Orochi Finisshu?): By sliding on the panel thrice and drawing out the power of all the Kamen Riders from Double to Ex-Aid, G7 Icarus XYZ delivers a powerful slash at the opponent.
  • 4Koma Ninpoutou Finisher:
    • Clone Jutsu (分身の術 Bunshin no Jutsu?, Art of Cloning): G7 Icarus XYZ presses the Vortex Trigger once and create multiple copies of himself that attack together.
    • Wind Jutsu (風遁の術 Fūton no Jutsu?, Art of Wind Releasing): G7 Icarus XYZ presses the Vortex Trigger thrice executes Tornado Cut (竜巻斬り Tatsumaki Giri?), where G7 Icarus XYZ spins at a crazy speed whilst surrounded with a tornado and quickly slices the opponent with the 4Koma Ninpoutou.
  • Beat Closer Finisher:
    • Mega Slash (メガスラッシュ Mega Surasshu?): G7 Icarus XYZ channels the energy of a Fullbottle in his Beat Closer, pulls the Grip End Starter three times and performs a powerful slash.
      • Kerberos: G7 Icarus XYZ launches a projectile taking form of an actual Cerberus at the opponent.
  • Kaizoku Hassyar Finisher:
    • Kaizoku Densya (海賊電車? lit. Pirate Train): G7 Icarus XYZ fires a green and azure energy train from the Kaizoku Hassyar that not only rams into the enemy, but shoots azure energy discs as well.
  • XGM-01II G7 Sky Buster + Hawk Gatlinger Finisher:
    • Vortex Burst + Full Bullet (ボルテックバースト/フルブレット Borutekku Bāsuto/Furu Buretto?): After plugging two Fullbottles in the G7 Sky Buster's Fullbottle Magazine Loader and subsequently spinning the Hawk Gatlinger's Revol-Magazine ten times, G7 Icarus XYZ can perform powerful shots.
      • Pteranodon + Drill: G7 Icarus XYZ leaps into the air and unleashes a rain of bullets consisting of energy projections of hawks, drills, and pterodactyls.
      • Taka + Gatling: G7 Icarus XYZ leaps into the air and unleashes a rain of energy hawk bullets.
  • Build Driver + Drill Crusher finisher:
    • Exceed Finish/Vortex Break (エクシードフィニッシュ/ボルテックブレイク Ekushīdo Finisshu/Borutekku Bureiku?): After plugging a Fullbottle into the Full Bottle Slot of the Drill Crusher, G7 Icarus XYZ can perform an even more powerful finisher.
      • Blade: G7 Icarus XYZ channels the energy of a Full Bottle in his Drill Crusher and performs a powerful slash.
        • Drill: G7 Icarus XYZ launches the Dri-Spiral Blade at the opponent like a missile. The Dri-Spiral Blade grows into a gigantic size whilst impaling the opponent, G7 Icarus XYZ flies into the sky before diving into the opponent with a flying side kick, with the foot connecting with the enlarged Dri-Spiral Blade.

EX Strike Armor's insert theme is entitled "Appassionato", originally the insert theme of the original G7 Icarus Strike Armor.

Unlike any Legend Rider forms since Decade, G7 Icarus XYZ seems to directly take the previous Riders' forms, aside from keeping the Build Driver, instead of taking a form invoking them that resembles Build's or G7 Icarus XYZ's own armor pattern. In G7 Icarus XYZ's case, he can transform into either Secondary or Extra Riders.

G7 Beast
"Lion! Mayonnaise! Best Match! Are you Ready? Beast! L-I-O-N, Lion! (Lion roar)"
―G7 Beast's transformation announcement[src]

G7 Beast (G 7ビースト Jī Sebun Bīsuto?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's Secondary Legend Rider form themed after Kamen Rider Beast. It is accessed with the Lion and Mayonnaise Fullbottles.

G7 Baron
"Banana! Lock! Best Match! Are you Ready? Baron! Banana Arms: Knight of Spe~ar!"
―G7 Baron's transformation announcement[src]

G7 Baron (G 7バロン Jī Sebun Baron?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's Secondary Legend Rider form themed after Kamen Rider Baron. It is accessed with the Banana and Lock Fullbottles.

In this form, G7 Icarus XYZ gains access to the Banaspear.

G7 Zangetsu Shin
"Melon! Energy Drink! Best Match! Are you Ready? Zangetsu Shin! Melon Energy Arms! (Japanese techno music)"
―G7 Zangetsu Shin's transformation announcement[src]

G7 Zangetsu Shin (G 7斬月 真 Jī Sebun Zangetsu Shin?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's Extra Legend Rider form themed after Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin. It is accessed with the Melon and Energy Drink Fullbottles.

In this form, G7 Icarus XYZ gains access to the Sonic Arrow.

G7 Chaser
"Shinigami! Bike! Best Match! Are you Ready? Chaser! (Heavy metal guitar solo)"
―G7 Chaser's transformation announcement[src]

G7 Chaser (G 7チェイサー Jī Sebun Cheisā?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's Extra Legend Rider form themed after Kamen Rider Chaser. It is accessed with the Shinigami and Bike Fullbottles.

In this form, G7 Icarus XYZ gains access to the Shingou-Ax.

G7 Genm
"Zombie! Game! Best Match! Are you Ready? Genm! Danger! Danger! (Genocide!) Death the Crisis! Dangerous Zombie! (Zombie Screech)"
―G7 Genm's transformation announcement[src]

G7 Genm (G 7ゲンム Jī Sebun Genmu?) is G7 Icarus XYZ's Extra Legend Rider form themed after Kamen Rider Genm Zombie Gamer Level X. It is accessed with the Zombie and Game Fullbottles.

In this form, G7 Icarus XYZ gains access to the Gashacon Bugvisor II.

New G7 Icarus
"Tsubureru! Nagareru! Afurederu! (Afterburner noises followed by techno rock music) Stealth In New G7 Icarus! Buraa!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Kamen Rider New G7 Icarus

New G7 Icarus

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 200.5 cm
  • Rider Weight: 119.5 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching Power: 73.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 64.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 79.2 m (one leap)
  • Maximum Running Speed: 157 m. per 0.117 sec.
  • Maximum speed at altitude: Mach 7.3 (5,601.06 mph, 9,014.04 km/h)

New G7 Icarus (ニューG 7イカルス Nyū G 7 Ikarusu?) is G7 Icarus's second stage super form. This form is accessed by inserting the Stealth Sclashjelly into the Sclash Driver and pumping the lever.

New G7 Icarus's stats is inverse from G7 Type-S in terms of punching and kicking power, but retains the similar jumping height and running speed as the latter. Both of which are higher compared to Kamen Riders Cross-Z Charge, Build, and Grease.

In this form. New G7 Icarus is equipped with a wingpack called Machine Raiser Wings (マシンライザーウィング Mashin Raizā Uingu?), allowing him to fly and uses Variable Jelly to propel its twin thrusters. With the Machine Raiser Wings, New G7 Icarus is also able to fly without Shadow Winger's aid, who also happens to be transformed into Goro's personal weapon, the Shadow Saber.

New G7 Icarus's personal weapon is the Shadow Saber, a sword-and-gun weapon that Shadow Winger transforms into akin to WizarDragon becoming the Ax-Calibur whenever Wizard transforms into his Infinity Style. He uses the Twin Breaker as a secondary weapon. As with the G7 system weapons, he can still gain access with his main weapons such as the XGM-01II G7 Sky Buster, XGR-02II Neo Artemis, and XGS-03II Yoshiyuki Shin.

Goro later passes his Sclash Driver to Reiji Matsushima after having the latter regain his conviction and beliefs of fighting for peace, giving him the resolve to fight alongside him and the other Riders.

New G7 Icarus has three different finishers:

  • Sclash Driver finisher:
    • Scrap Bomber (スクラップボンバー Sukurappu Bonbā?):
      • Rider Kick: New G7 Icarus uses his Machine Raiser Wings to generate Variable Jelly (ヴァリアブルゼリー Variaburu Zerī?) in order to propel himself forward as he delivers a powerful kick to the enemy, coated in metallic-orange energy.
      • Rider Punch:
    • Charge Crash (チャージクラッシュ Chāji Kurasshu?): New G7 Icarus can use the power of an Organic Fullbottle.
      • Kuwagata: New G7 Icarus can conjure two different weapons with this Fullbottle:
        • Stag Guillotine (スタッグギロチン Sutaggu Girochin?): By using the Machine Raiser Armory (マシンライザーアーモリー Mashin Raizā Āmorī?) on either hand, New G7 Icarus creates a Variable Jelly Projection taking form of a claw arm resembling that of a stag beetle's mandibles. Pumping the lever 5 times executes X Crusher (エクスクラッシャ Ekusu Kurassha?).
        • Rapture Scissors (ラプチャーシザース Rapuchā Shizāsu?): New G7 Icarus can also conjure a Variable Jelly projection of the Stag Hard/Hazard Smash's Rapture Scissors to use them as his own. Pumping the lever 5 times executes Blue Leaves Lost (青葉喪失 Aoba Sōshitsu?). The finisher is named in honor of Aoba's death.
      • Panda: New G7 Icarus conjures two Variable Jelly projections of the Giant Scracther in both arms.
    • Discharge Crash (ディスチャージクラッシュ Disuchāji Kurasshu?): New G7 Icarus can use the power of an Inorganic Fullbottle.
      • Drill: New G7 Icarus conjures a Variable Jelly projection of a drill resembling the Tengeki Drillancer. Pumping the lever 5 times executes the Giga Drill Break (ギガドリルブレーク Giga Doriru Burēiku?) finisher from PteraDrill Armor.
      • Watch: A holographic clockwork appears below New G7 Icarus's foot as time stops around him for 20 seconds.
  • Shadow Saber finisher:
    • Blade Mode:
      • Saber Straight (サーベルストレート Sāberu Sutorēto?):
        • Fullbottle
          • Castle + Fukurou: Projections of the Castle Hazard and Owl Hazard Smashes appear on New G7 Icarus's side; the projections charge at the opponents first before New G7 Icarus slashes the opponent.
        • 2 Fullbottles
    • Gun Mode:
      • Shadow Break (シャドーブレイク Shadō Bureiku?):
        • Fullbottle
        • 2 Fullbottles
          • Byakko + Seiryuu: Projections of Jushin Tiger and Nova the Archdragon appear on New G7 Icarus side; the projections charge at the opponents before New G7 Icarus fires a powerful shot.
  • Twin Breaker finishers:
    • Attack Mode (アタックモード Attaku Mōdo?): New G7 Icarus channels the energy of a Fullbottle or the Stealth Sclashjelly and performs a powerful slash.
      • Single Break (シングルブレーク Shinguru Burēku?):
        • Fullbottle:
        • Sclashjelly:
      • Twin Break (ツインブレイク Tsuin Burēku?): New G7 Icarus channels the energy of 2 Fullbottles or a Fullbottle and the Stealth Sclashjelly and performs a powerful slash.
        • Fullbottle + Sclashjelly:
        • 2 Fullbottles
      • Let's Break (レッツブレイク Rettsu Burēku?): New G7 Icarus channels the energy of Arc-Winger, Cross-Z Dragon or the RabbitTank Sparkling Fullbottle and performs a powerful slash.
        • Arc-Winger: New G7 Icarus charges the Twin Breaker's Raging Pile with angelic energy and thrusts the foe with it.
    • Beam Mode (ビームモード Bīmu Mōdo?):
      • Single Finish (シングルフィニッシュ Shinguru Finisshu?): New G7 Icarus channels the energy of a Fullbottle or the Stealth Sclashjelly and performs a powerful blast.
        • Fullbottle:
        • Sclashjelly:
      • Twin Finish (ツインフィニッシュ Tsuin Finisshu?): New G7 Icarus channels the energy of 2 Fullbottles or a Fullbottle and the Stealth Sclashjelly and performs a powerful blast.
        • Fullbottle + Sclashjelly:
        • 2 Fullbottles:
  • Sclash Driver + Twin Breaker finisher: New G7 Icarus can combine the powers of the Sclash Driver and the Twin Breaker to perform a powerful finisher. However, it puts a huge strain on New G7 Icarus's body, causing his transformation to cancel. Strangely enough, due to Goro's instant expertise with the Sclash Driver, he was able to hold on into his transformation.
    • Scrap Bomber/Twin Break (スクラップボンバー/ツインブレイク Sukurappu Bonbā/Tsuin Burēku?):: With the Twin Breaker in Attack Mode, New G7 Icarus channels the energy of 2 Fullbottles or a Fullbottle and the Stealth Sclashjelly and performs a powerful stab.
      • 2 Fullbottles:
        • Go-On WingsIcon-crosswiki (GoldIcon-crosswiki and SilverIcon-crosswiki): New G7 Icarus summons projections of Go-On Gold and Go-On Silver on his side equipped with their Switch Jet Sword Rocket DaggerIcon-crosswikis. The Go-On Wings fly first to the skies before they perform their Dagger Acrobat at the opponent, followed by New G7 Icarus jabbing the target with the Twin Breaker, then performs his Scrap Bomber attack.
      • Fullbottle + Sclashjelly:
    • Scrap Bomber/Let's Finish (スクラップボンバー/レッツフィニッシュ Sukurappu Bonbā/Rettsu Finisshu?): With the Twin Breaker in Beam Mode, New G7 Icarus channels the energy of the Cross-Z Dragon, RabbitTank Sparkling Fullbottle, or the Arc-Winger and shoots a powerful blast.
      • Arc-Winger: New G7 Icarus summons a large Variable Jelly projection of an angel standing behind him, while forming a ball of energy on the palms. New G7 Icarus and the angel projection fire a powerful laser beam on both the Twin Breaker, and the energy ball on the palm, respectively.

This form's theme is entitled "ETERNAL BLAZE".



  • XGM-01 G7 Paralyzer - Primary weapon and transformation device as G7 Icarus. Later became the G7 Sky Buster.
  • Build Driver - Secondary transformation device as G7 Icarus XYZ
  • Sclash Driver - Tertiary transformation device as New G7 Icarus.
  • G7 Armor Keys - G7 Icarus's Transformation trinkets.
  • Fullbottles - G7 Icarus XYZ's/New G7 Icarus's Transformation trinkets.
  • Sclashjellies - New G7 Icarus's Transformation trinkets.
  • Arc-Winger - Slot adapter for Build Driver to access Archangel Armor and personal familiar.
  • G7 Jet Visor -  Secondary slot adapter for Build Driver to access Jet Phoenix Armor.
  • G7 EXlasher - Tertiary slot adapter for Build Driver to access EX Strike Armor and personal weapon
  • Nova Bracer - G7 Icarus XYZ's stopwatch device acquired from Nova the Archdragon.




  • Family
    • Anzu Izumi: At first, Goro was unaware that he had an older sister. This is because months before he was born, Anzu mysteriously disappeared due to an accident in the beach, following that fateful incident, her sudden disappearance was kept secret from him. Fast forward the following 27 years, it is his father's video diary that Goro indeed discovers that he has an older sister, and his parents bear the sin of keeping it a secret. He later begins to suspect that Rakurai (Anzu's ninja identity) is connected to Anzu herself, when Rakurai encounters Goro in the Hoko Memorial Pillar visiting his parents' graves, Rakurai denies of being Anzu. That is until during the siege of the Touto Institute by Faust, Rakurai reveals herself to be Anzu, his older sister. Anzu would later join his brother's side all while manipulating the Kamui Tribe to get revenge against Faust in regards to her history against the evil organization. Upon hearing this, Goro disapproves her agenda because he points out that not only her actions will endanger those she cared for (namely Goro himself), she would have innocent people involved, albeit indirectly, by allowing Shingetsu kill a lot of people, among her victims includes those were Touto Prime Minister Taizan Himuro, and later his son Gentoku, who is also revealed to be Night Rogue, the leader of Faust. After Anzu decided to return home to her younger brother, both siblings develop their familial relationship after the 27 years she missed.
    • Fubuki Izumi
  • Allies
    • Kasumi Kiriyama: His loyal maid. Although Goro has known Kasumi back in their childhood days, Kasumi has ever since very dedicated so much to Goro and is the latter's only close friend and companion. Kasumi has been doing all the household work whenever her master is out working.
    • Taki: Though their first meeting was a rocky start, he later decided to bring Taki and Natsu to his mansion and ended up living with him. Taki was initially cold towards him at first, until Goro reveals his tragic past to her as a means of reaching out to her. Eventually, Taki falls in love with Goro due to him having a resemblance to a certain ninja Taki looked up to in her teens and Goro himself guides Taki in terms of trying to adapt into the modern era. Their relationship served as a driving force throughout the series, much like between Samus and Mitsuzane during the first two volumes, which is made apparent according to Vernage, such bond between Goro and Taki is the result of the former unlocking the former's final form. Sometime after he and Anzu lose their powers, Goro continued to provide support for Taki, and even gave her advice of the hardships of being a Rider and remind her not to repeat his and his sister's mistakes.
    • Natsu:
    • Natsuki Nakajima:
    • Shinya Aizawa:
    • Reiji Matsushima: Although they got off to a rocky start, Goro seems to be very skeptical towards Reiji due to him being Kaguya's secretary. He pitied the young man after telling him he was a pawn to Kaguya's selfish goals. Since then, Reiji decided to defect to Goro's side and Goro himself eventually guided him to his path of becoming a Rider. In short, Goro himself acts as a mentor to Reiji due to their similarities. Even after the merging of worlds, Reiji remains loyal to Goro.
  • Space Explorers
  • Team Build
    • Sento Kiryu: Though his meeting with Sento was a bit formal, having learned of his genius-level intellect Goro begins to admire Sento very much, especially after learning the former that he is Kamen Rider Build. In turn, Sento would present him a Build Driver and the Crow and Stealth Full Bottles to upgrade his prototype armor. Despite mocking Sento for his actions after learning the latter helped an inmate escape from the authorities, Goro still respects him. Their friendship was temporarily strained after he finds out that Sento is also revealed to be Takumi Katsuragi, the founder of Faust. Regardless, Goro begrudgingly decided to accept Sento even if he was once Katsuragi, reminding him that the most important thing about being a Kamen Rider is to protect people.
    • Kazumi Sawatari: Both Goro and Sawatari met in a rocky start, upon hearing his willingness to join into the war, he and his underlings belittle him, until Goro proved his worth by challenging him into a fight, which ended in a draw. Ultimately, he and the Three Crows begin to admire his determination and charisma. When Sawatari learns that Goro had his underlings undergo enhancements via Hazard Trigger, and consequently Aoba's demise at the hands of the Kerberos Smash, their partnership is strained. If anything, both of their mutual respect still remains. Sawatari can be easily ticked off whenever Goro tries to harm Misora, who happens to be his idol, Mii-Tan. Also, both he and Anzu can be easily irritated when it comes to Sawatari's obsession with Mii-Tan.
    • Gentoku Himuro / Night Rogue: Although they have interacted in rare occasions, Goro is revealed to have a respect for Gentoku. But, this is proven to be false due to his suspicions about the Touto government; Goro looks down on Gentoku with disdain because of his negative personality. This has become apparent when he discovered that he is also Night Rogue. Unfortunately, Goro never had the chance to fight Rogue due to Shingetsu immediately killing Gentoku after his identity exposed; in which his sister Anzu is responsible for. After Gentoku becomes Kamen Rider Rogue, Goro's disdain towards him never changes, to the point he manipulates Ryohei Kusanagi into killing Gentoku by proxy. When Gentoku is revived for the second time, Goro offers him a chance of redemption, to which the former accepts. And after Kaguya and Evolto's defeat, he willingly stood as a witness for Gentoku to be pardoned for his crimes.
    • Sawa Takigawa: Though they interact little much in the story. It seems that Goro is very skeptical towards Sawa after learning that she was worked as a spy for Namba Heavy Industries. Once she is suspected as the traitor according to Reiji Matsushima, Goro eventually loses all respect towards her, and outright says that he doesn't even care what is going to happen to her after she is held in custody by Elpis Corporation. In actuality, Goro pretended not to care about Sawa because he was unable to stop Elpis Corporation from taking her as their prisoner, thus blaming himself for this failure.
  • Ange and friends
  • Hokuto government
    • Yoshiko Tajimi: Goro (and by extension, his parents) know Tajimi as a family friend. Upon learning the break out of the war for Pandora Box, Goro begins to lose his respect towards Tajimi because of her altered personality caused by Pandora Box's energy.
    • Akaba: As with the rest of the Hokuto Three Crows, Akaba looked down on Goro at first; Goro responds by poking fun of his hair, and then started a fight with him. Eventually, Akaba is one of the first of Sawatari's men to earn Goro's respect. In turn, Goro eventually sympathizes with him when he learns their past, and even convinced him to have himself and his comrades undergo the Hazard Trigger enhancement.
    • Aoba: As with the rest of the Hokuto Three Crows, Aoba appears to be impressed with Goro's skills and personality which greatly influenced him, his comrades and captain. When Aoba died at the hands of the Kerberos Smash, Goro felt responsible for his well-being and is nearly afraid of facing Sawatari because of that. Sawatari eventually tells Goro not to take it upon himself before entrusting him his Kuwagata Full Bottle begrudgingly and promises to beat Kerberos.
    • Kiba: As with the rest of the Hokuto Three Crows, Kiba appears to idolize Goro's bravado, often gets into an argument with him and his sister.
  • Enemies
    • Space Demon Clan Kamui Tribe
      • Shingetsu: Goro and Shingetsu already became bitter rivals in their first encounter. The latter sees him as a worthy opponent who can match his strength. Their rivalry grew worse once Shingetsu's insanity went off the deep end because of his lust for the Pandora Box's power.
    • Faust
      • Soichi Isurugi / Blood Stalk: Goro sees Blood Stalk as a major threat ever since he saw his G7 suits used by Guardians under his control, which prompted him to self-destruct the G7 suits worn by the Faust Guardians. Ironically, Faust using the G7 suits for their objective leads to their undoing: Soichi's defeat at Goro's hands and subsequently killed by Shingetsu. However, when Anzu and Goro decided to resurrect Soichi as an undead, Goro proposes a teeth-clenched alliance with Soichi concerning with Sento's problem with the Hazard Trigger. Regardless, Goro still maintains his distrustful attitude towards Soichi. When Elpis Corporation gets involved in the conflict, Soichi becomes concerned with Sento knowing that he'll be used by Kaguya Kozuki so the she can claim the Pandora Box for herself, he even asks Goro to look after Sento before Kaguya can make her move.
    • Elpis Corporation:
      • Kaguya Kozuki: Goro both loathes and distrusts Kaguya, and he is very aware that she is not very trustworthy to begin with. He is very paranoid towards her, as Goro's suspicions about her causes the latter's sinister nature to surface behind closed doors.
    • Ryohei Kusanagi:
  • People from 2068
  • Go-OngersIcon-crosswiki
  • Others
    • Sougo Tokiwa: Though he meets Sougo in a rocky start. At first, he finds the youth's dreams of becoming king questionable. Eventually, he comes to respect the young man and notices the similarities between him and Sougo in terms of holding onto their ambitions. However, Goro is successful in his goals while he expects to see Sougo accomplish his goal.

Legend Rider Devices

"(Digital beeping) G7 Icarus XYZ!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"The Heavenly Black Wings! The Magnificent Birdman Rider is... (clock ticking noise) G7 Icarus XYZ! (天国のブラックウイングス!壮大の鳥人ライダーわ... G 7イカルスXYZだ! Tengoku no Burakku Uingusu! Sōdai no Chōjin Raidā wa... (clock ticking noise) Jī Sebun Ikarusu Ekkusu Uai Zetto da!?)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! (Electronic beat with G7 EXlasher's standby) Soudai no Choujin! G7 Icarus XYZ!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Electronic beat with G7 EXlasher's standby) Soudai no Choujin! G7 Icarus XYZ!"
―Armor transformation announcement[src]

"Time Mazine!"
Time Mazine summoning announcement[src]

"Finish Time! G7 Icarus XYZ! Exceed Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Armor finisher announcement[src]

G7 Icarus XYZ Ridewatch (G 7イカルスXYZライドウォッチ Jī Sebun Ikarusu Ekkusu Uai Zetto Raidāu~otchi?): Based on Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ EX Strike Armor, this Ride Watch would provide access to the G7 Icarus XYZ Armor used by Kamen Rider Geiz. It is also one of the three Ridewatches used by Taki to access Galaxy Armor along with the Ridewatches of Kamen Rider G7 Type-S and Kamen Rider Huntress Creator Gamer.

"(Digital beeping) Archangel Kerberos!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"The combination of an angel and the Cerberus, with the power of Heaven and Hell! G7 Icarus XYZ Archangel Kerberos! (天使とケルベロスの組み合わせは、天と地獄の力、G 7イカルスXYZアーチエンジェルケルベロス! Tenshi to keruberosu no kumiawase wa, ten to jigoku no chikara! Jī Sebun Ikarusu Ekkusu Uai Zetto Āchienjeru Keruberosu!?)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Arc-Winger transformation music) Terase yo, El Ragna! Archangel Kerberos!"
―Armor transformation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! Ragna Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Armor finisher announcement[src]

G7 Icarus XYZ Archangel Kerberos Ridewatch (G 7イカルスXYZアーチエンジェルケルベロスライドウォッチ Jī Sebun Ikarusu Ekkusu Uai Zetto Āchienjeru Keruberosu Raidāu~otchi?): Based on Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ Archangel Kerberos, this Ridewatch would provide access to a Rider Armor based on Archangel Kerberos.

"(Digital beeping) Jet Phoenix!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Set ablaze! The immortal flames! G7 Icarus XYZ Jet Phoenix! (燃え上がれ!炎の不死身!G 7イカルスXYZジェットフェニックス! Moeagare! Honō no Fujimi! Jī Sebun Ikarusu Ekkusu Uai Zetto Jetto Fenikkusu!?)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Action!/Iza!) Touei! Future Time! (Jet Visor's orchestral waltz) Moetsu! Nekketsu! Fumetsu! Futurering Jet Phoenix! Phoenix!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Beyond the Time! Jet Phoenix Bakunetsu Overblaze!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

"Armor Time! (Jet Visor's orchestral waltz) Fumetsu no Tsubasa Moyasu! Phoenix!"
―Transformation announcement with Ziku-Driver[src]

"Finish Time! Bakunetsu Time Break/Burst!"
―Finisher announcement with Ziku-Driver[src]

Jet Phoenix Miridewatch (ジェットフェニックスミライドウォッチ Jetto Fenikkusu Miraidowotchi?): Based on Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ Jet Phoenix Armor, this Miridewatch provides Kamen Rider Taki access to Futurering Jet Phoenix.

Behind the Scenes


Goro Izumi is portrayed by Taishi Nakagawa (中川 大志 Nakagawa Taishi?). When he gets his body swapped with Sento Kiryu, he is portrayed by Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼 貴丈 Inukai Atsuhiro?). As Kamen Rider G7 Icarus, his suit actor is Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳 Watanabe Jun?), who would later on go to portray Night Rogue in the story and in Kamen Rider Build. As Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ, his suit actor is Hirokazu Iwakami (岩上 弘数 Iwakami Hirokazu?).

In the English dub of Taki Gaiden: The Kunoichi Who Leapt Through Time, he was voiced by Sam Riegel from Episode 2 to 24. From episode 26 onwards, he is voiced by Josh Keaton.


Goro's name translates as "fifth rookie", referencing as the author's first original character being an experienced newcomer as a Kamen Rider.

His alias of Kuroba translates to "black wings", sharing the main Hokuto Three Crows' color theme with Akaba (赤羽 lit., "red wings"), Kiba (黄羽 lit. "yellow wings") and Aoba (青羽 lit. "blue wings"), as well his sister's alias of Shirahane (白羽 lit., "white wings"), hence his rider form being black. Ironically, he is often compared to Kuroto Dan, another black-colored Rider.


  • G7 Icarus (XYZ)'s ability to fly is similar to Skyrider. Both Goro share the same backstory as Hiroshi Tsukuba, both lost their parents to a car accident; unlike Tsukuba, Goro lost his parents two days later after the accident. They also have a sister, Anzu disappeared before Goro's birth and is unaware of her relation towards him, while Tsukuba's sister's fate is left uncertain.
  • Goro's chanting of "Cho Henshin!" (lit., "Super Transform") when changing to Archangel Armor/Kerberos and/or when transforming into New G7 Icarus is similar to Kamen Rider Kuuga's transformation call when changing his forms.
  • Despite Goro being 27 years old, and at least three years younger than Taiga Hanaya. His actor, Taishi Nakagawa is currently 19. Coincidentally, Taishi portrayed a 27 year old protagonist, Arata Kaizaki in the live-action film adaptation of the manga ReLIFE.
  • Keeping with the parallels to Kill la Kill throughout Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol. 3: Fates Intertwined, Goro is based on Ryūko Matoi whereas her older sister is to Satsuki Kiryūin. Another similarities is that their colors are predominantly black (or dark-blue) and red. Personality-wise, he also has Satsuki's intelligence, charisma and penchant for grandiose and rousing speeches.
  • Keeping with the tie-in to Build's science and mathematical themes, his Rider designation bearing "XYZ" is a reference to algebraic variables. The "x" and "y" are variables in an equation, While the "Z" refers to Integers.
    • Additionally, it is also a reference to the Cartesian coordinate system's horizontal values: The X Coordinate (or the "Abscissa") is always written first in an ordered pair of coordinates (x,y), such as (12,5), while the Y Coordinate (or the "Ordinate") is always written second in an ordered pair of coordinates (x,y) such as (12,5). Both are rarely used for x and y, respectively. When they are, the Z-coordinate (or the "Applicate"). The words abscissa, ordinate and applicate are sometimes used to refer to coordinate axes rather than the coordinate values.
  • His given name comes from two characters within the Kamen Rider series: Goro Yura and Nanaha Izumi. Unlike the Goro of Ryuki, his kanji is composed with a different kanji. Despite his surname shares the same kanji with Nanaha's, Goro is not related to her in any way.
  • Goro's post-battle phrase "checkmate" is coined from the the core teamIcon-crosswiki of Mahou Sentai MagirangerIcon-crosswiki, and their American counterpartsIcon-crosswiki from Power Rangers Mystic ForceIcon-crosswiki.
  • He is similar to Kouta Kazuraba and Gentaro Kisaragi, both grew up with their parents died in car accidents. Like the latter, he was taken and raised by his grandfather.
    • Goro surviving a car accident aside from his parents died of that tragic event makes him more of Yuji Kiba. Afterwards, Goro sustained a massive scar in his abdomen, while Kiba was reborn as the Horse Orphnoch.
  • Several of G7 Icarus/G7 Icarus XYZ's Armor forms resemble anime mechas such as the following:
    • Strike Armor/Gurren Lagann and Lazengann (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann): Both have face-like ornaments on the chest. The Rider form's color scheme reflects that of Lazengann.
      • New G7 Icarus/Winged Gurren Lagann: New G7 Icarus's Machine Raiser Wings is meant to resemble the Gurren Wing, Gurren Lagann's wingpack.
    • Archangel Armor/Villkiss (Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon) and Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann): The Arc-Winger's transformation chant of "Terase yo, El Ragna!" (照らせよ、エルラグナ? lit. "Shine, El Ragna!") is a reference to the variations of the song "Towagatari" (永遠語り? lit. "Eternal Story"), along with the fact that the armor has white and blue accents, similar to the Villkiss' design. G7 Icarus XYZ sports two sunglasses on its visor and its face chest armor. Unlike Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann with its two glasses combine into the Gurren Boomerang, Archangel Armor throws its two sunglasses akin to Gurren Lagann's Double Boomerang Spiral.
      • Archangel Kerberos/Lion Voltron (ja:GoLion) (Voltron: Defender of the Universe/Beast King GoLion in Japanese): G7 Icarus XYZ's Archangel Armor being upgraded through a fusion of five cyber canines. Archangel Kerberos resembles the Voltron from Voltron: Legendary Defender.  The way G7 Icarus XYZ takes out the Fullbottle Buster in that form is a homage to Voltron forming its Blazing Sword (ja:JuuOhKen)
  • Goro's familial relationship with his sister, Anzu evokes Hiroto SutouIcon-crosswiki (Go-On Gold) of the Go-On WingsIcon-crosswiki. This is due to the fact that Anzu's actress, Yumi Sugimoto previously portrayed Miu SutouIcon-crosswiki (Go-On Silver).
    • In addition to the Go-Onger reference in regards to Goro and Anzu towards the Sutou siblings; his Pythagorean Theorem Reversal technique is an inside joke to Land Pollution Vice-Minister HiramechimedesIcon-crosswiki, who also invokes a sword technique based on the Pythagorean Theorem.
    • Both he and her sister eventually met the Wings in person.
    • Both he and Anzu became a lot more similar to the Go-On Wings when they join with the Hokuto Three Crows, acting as the "Sixth Rangers" to the group.
  • Archangel Armor's ability to regress a Smash's Hazard Level as well anyone using a Build Driver or Transteam Gun is similar to the Level 0 Gashats, more specifically the Proto Mighty Action X Origin. Unlike Level 0, the de-powering is permanent, making it more similar to Maximum Mighty X's reprogramming ability.
  • G7 Icarus's EX Strike Armor being the upgraded/updated version of the original Strike Armor prototype whilst accessible on the Build Driver brings to mind Ultraman Orb's true form, Orb Origin. EX Strike Armor appearing as the true form of G7 Icarus/Orb Origin in a more updated variant of its original version (Origin the First). Unlike Orb Origin/Origin the First, the original Strike Armor uses the XGM-01 G7 Paralyzer with the prototype Striker Key to transform, while EX Strike Armor uses the Build Driver, the Crow Fullbottle and G7 EXlasher as opposed to Gai using the Orbcalibur to first transform into Origin the First, and later in conjunction with the Orb Ring.
  • Jet Phoenix Armor is similar to Ultraman Ginga Victory, a fusion of two Ultras: Ginga and Victory. Taki being the other vital component for the fusion transformation as well her relationship towards Goro is an allusion to the dynamic between Shou/Ultraman Victory and Ginga's host, Hikaru Raido.
    • When in Jet Phoenix Armor, G7 Icarus XYZ usually screams "Shuwatch!" as his battlecry. An iconic battlecry synonymous to almost every Ultramen in the Ultra Series.
    • This sequence is similar to many Ultramen such as Orb and Geed.
  • Of all the Build Driver-variant G7 armors, Jet Phoenix Armor is the only form of G7 Icarus XYZ to lack a diagonal undersuit, instead has glowing features on the undersuit, akin to the Riders of Kamen Rider 555 and Kamen Rider Ghost, respectively.
  • G7 Icarus XYZ is the second Kamen Rider to use a steed since Kamen Rider Gaim as substitute for their Rider Machines. In G7 Icarus XYZ's case, Jet Pegasus Winger is a robotic horse.
    • His Bakunetsu Finish with Jet Pegasus Winger is reminiscent to Kamen Rider Ryuki and Knight in their Survive Forms.
  • In another hindsight coincidence, the term "Armor" as a form will be also used by the next succeeding Rider after Build.
  • Goro, alongside his sister, Samus, and Reiji are the only Legend Riders who appear as recurring characters than guest characters.

See also

  • Souji Tendou - a character who possesses a massive charisma, bravado and overwhelming pride.
  • Takatora Kureshima - a character who runs a powerful corporation.
  • Kuroto Dan - a character whose intellect has become a driving force to his ego.
  • Hiroto SutouIcon-crosswiki - a character in a sibling duo.


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