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Gloria Song
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Title Gloria Song
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Status Alive
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First Appearance Chapter 12
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Gloria Song is the leader of the organization responsible for Kamen Rider Altis and his fellows.

Character History

Not much is known about Gloria Song, other than that she is the head of the Taint extermination operation. As she later explained to Madeleine, she was part of the government when the Taint were discovered. The fact that the reaction to this creature was to hush up the death and try to find a way to control it didn't please her any. She set up her own group to fight them, which Versa infiltrated.

Faye and Mike introduced Madeleine to her, and she offered the reporter a chance to join the organization. However, doubting her ability to kill a Taint's host, Madeleine asked for time, which Song accepted. On Madeleine's request, she sent her back to Rittersburg.

A few days later, Song called again, and this time Madeleine agreed to join her. Retrieving her, Gloria explained that since she'd been altered by the Taint, even slightly, she'd be able to handle specially upgraded weaponry like Altis. Because of that and the fact that the Taint were getting worse, they were cutting down her training to whatever they could squeeze in before her belt was ready. Anticipating Madeleine's next question, she added that Madeleine could report anything she'd learned about the Taint, saying the Riders had told her to help people stay safe.


Gloria Song has an air of authority about her, but in conversation seems down-to-earth, gentle and even weary.


She is old, having white hair and a wrinkled face, but can be intimidating when she wants to be.