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Faye McGee
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Title Faye McGee
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First Appearance Chapter 8
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Faye McGee is Kamen Rider Hura and an ally of Altis.

Character History

Not much is known about Faye, how she became a Rider or allied with Altis.

When Altis fought the Crow Taint in Rittersburg, Faye and Kamen Rider Kran hid in the shadows as part of a plan to snare the monster, but the plan changed when reporter Madeleine Moore intervened on Altis's behalf. Faye was the one Altis had take Madeleine to safety, which she did, explaining how the Taint worked, and that they weren't entirely a secret organization. She still told Madeleine to leave town, that there was a war coming.

The Riders realized the Taint were pursuing Madeleine in particular, so Faye disguised herself as a waitress in 51, a local club, to keep an eye on her. Thus she was able to attack the Snapping Turtle Taint as it attacked the reporter, though Versa arrived and finished the battle.

Later, she convinced Mike and Altis to explain their backstory, since at this point, the safest thing for Madeleine would be to let her in. A monster attack interrupted the conversation, and Faye and Mike helped Madeleine and Abby to safety before joining Altis in combat.

After the battle, Faye and Mike went to a new hideout in a farmhouse, where Altis and Madeleine later joined them. All four returned to base, Faye and Mike guiding Madeleine to meet their commander, Gloria Song, who asked Madeleine to join them. It took a few days (and eight rapid-fire Taint killings), but Madeleine agreed. After testing and some sleep, Faye woke her up to train. Madeleine did well for her first day, and Faye told her so.


Faye is quiet, not as intense as some of her allies, more sympathetic and gentle to others, but still mysterious.


  • Hura Driver (presumed)
  • Cable Gun (unnamed)


Faye is African-American, with a slight build. Like other Riders, her eyes have been upgraded in some way to allow her to see Taint. Her suit is black and white.