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Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Electric King
Motif: Police Car
Rider Type: Villain
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 1
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 27 (Electric King)
Kamen Rider G-Electric King
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Eve is the main antagonist in the Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates.


He is an artificial Doberman Pinscher Imagin created by the G Men who is partnered to Nigel McCabe. He resides within a Rider Pass that resembles a badge, and as such, serves as the means of becoming G Electric King. Being an artificial Imagin, he has infinite knowledge and is able to counter any attack which he uses greatly even when he is not the one fighting. Like McCabe, Eve has little emotion, thinking only about duty and performing judgement. But when McCabe starts showing emotion, Eve deems humanity too illogical to exist and becomes G Electric King on his own, and deems his mission to be executing all humans. Eve (and G Electric King) were finally destroyed by Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form when Daiki used his Gekijouban Attack Ride Card and Final Attack Ride against Eve.

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Like other Electric King-like Riders, G Electric King uses equipment similar to Kamen Rider Electric King. It was destroyed along with Eve after he was defeated by Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form when Daiki used Gekijouban Attack Ride Card and Final Attack Ride against Eve.

G Electro Belt

The G Electro Belt is G Electric King's transformation belt, while styled differently, it has most of the same functions as the Electric King Belt. Another notable difference is that G Electric King belt did not announce anything when it is used to transform or when G Electric King using his Full Charge, Eve instead announces the Full Charge himself by saying "Perfect Weapon!".

G ElectroGasher

The Combination Armament G ElectroGasher is G Electric King's primary weapon. It's only known formations are only two modes: Gun Mode and Jute Mode and is shaped differently than other ElectroGasher-esque weapons.

Full Charge

G Electric King's has two Full Charge attacks, when they are activated, Eve proclaims "Perfect Weapon!", shortly after. The first is World Punish, where a barrier encompasses G Electric King so he can attack with a series of shots from Gun Mode. The second one is World End, a powerful strike in Jutte Mode while the red and blue lights on his Den-Kamen light up but was not used in the movie.


  • Eve is the only Imagin that does not have a monster appearance since he resides in a Rider Pass.
  • Eve is similar to the G4 AI from Kamen Rider Agito, in that they are both artificial intelligences used by a police agency that end up taking over their original user's Rider form, though Eve does this by transforming by himself, whereas the G4 AI kills its wearer.

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