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Ethan Bradley is a martial artist who dealing with his fair share of bullying until he met his girlfriend Alyssa Carson. He is a member of the Rider Crew that became Kamen Rider Delta as the current user of the Delta (Δ) Gear to fight the Orphnochs when he proved himself to the Rider Crew by his determination and never giving up his opportunities.



When Ethan was a kid, he gets bullied a lot in school because he was a smaller kid and was a nerd. Other kids would beat him up and it was happening for a long time. He did something about it, and he took an interest in martial arts so he can defend himself. Ever since he learned martial arts, he finally got respect from other students and isn't getting bullied anymore.

Also, he saw that a girl was getting beaten up not defending herself. So, Ethan decided to save her because attacking someone for something she or he didn't do is not a good thing. The girl revealed herself to be Alyssa and she thanked Ethan for saving her and started to become friends. Ethan and Alyssa then starting dating and they are starting to be happy. When he met Alicia, Austin, Jacqueline, and Kumiko, he trained everyone in martial arts so they can defend themselves.

Kamen Rider 555

Meeting Sydal Sabin and Joining the Rider Crew

He has introduced with Alyssa, Austin, Jacqueline, and Kumiko to Sydal Sabin by Alicia Kasey. Everyone walked around the park to get to know Sydal and what's going on in his life.

All of sudden, the Ox Orphnoch shows up and sneak attacks Sydal. Sydal was getting overpowered so Ethan couldn't stand seeing Sydal get hurt anymore. He steps in to help Sydal fighting the Orphnoch. Then everyone else (besides Kumiko) jumps in so they can quadruple team the Orphnoch. They were holding their own until Sydal got back up. Sydal said that it's none of their business. But Ethan and the others told Sydal that they aren't letting their planet get destroyed plus they just met a new friend, and they are not letting the friendship cut short.

Sydal now transforms into Kamen Rider Phi with Ethan and the others shocked by what they just witnessed. The Ox Orphnoch grabs on to Alicia and Kumiko, so Sydal had to hold back but both Ethan and Austin saved them. When Sydal deforms from Kamen Rider Phi, he checks out his friends to see if they were alright. Everyone got hurt in some part of the battle. Ethan, Alyssa, Austin, and Jacqueline got hurt fighting the Orphnoch. Alicia got hurt trying to transform into Kamen Rider Phi and being held on by the Ox Orphnoch alongside Kumiko. Even Smart Lady got hurt being noticed by the Orphnoch and it attacked her.

After that, Alicia decides to form a team to assist Sydal as Kamen Rider Phi in his fight against the Orphnoch. And Smart Lady came up with a name for the team being the Rider Crew. Throughout many episodes, Ethan and the other Rider Crew members help Sydal whenever he needs backup, gets outnumbered, or is out of commission. Eventually, Alicia became Kamen Rider Chi so Ethan and the others can get involved less often. But the Orphnoch Elite came in the fray, Ethan and the others still got involved but would lose often.

Becoming Kamen Rider Delta

Ethan, Alyssa, Austin, Jacqueline, and Alicia were with Sydal training. Ethan starts fighting Sydal first then the others came along to fight as well while Kumiko and Smart Lady watch on. After Sydal and Alicia fought as Kamen Riders, Ethan got back up so he can fight Sydal one more time. Ethan kept trying and trying but he just cannot beat Sydal. Sydal was impressed by Ethan for having the determination and not giving up on the fight.

Then Smart Lady started talking about the Delta Driver, Ethan just happened to hear everything and wants to prove that he can become a Kamen Rider. So, he decided to the fighting simulator again so he can improve. He was able to impress Sydal so he has a better chance. While in the fighting simulator, Ethan kept straining his body even more due to being in the simulator before recently.

When everyone saw what Ethan was doing and the simulator was turned off. Alyssa was on his side comforting him with Sydal telling him why he is straining his body. Ethan wants to prove himself to Sydal but Sydal said that he doesn't need to prove himself. Sydal wants Ethan to be safe from any harm.

Ethan saved a person that Orphnoch Elites captured. But the person he saved turned into the Dragon Orphnoch attacking everyone. The Dragon Orphnoch retrieves the Delta Driver from Smart Lady and Ethan kicks it off its hands. He got knocked on the ground and tries to take the driver, but the Orphnoch takes it instead. Alyssa tends to Ethan and fights the Dragon Orphnoch herself, but she got beaten easily and kidnapped.

Ethan was mad at himself for Alyssa getting kidnapped and couldn't do anything about it with Austin, Jacqueline, and Kumiko consoles him saying that they will bring Alyssa back. Ethan wants to save her himself because he thinks he's the reason Alyssa got captured. Sydal tells Ethan that he'll be the one to save Alyssa because Ethan being hurt due to constantly straining his body in the fighting simulator and fighting the Dragon Orphnoch. The Dragon Orphnoch wanted to lure a member of the Rider Crew to come to rescue the kidnapped Alyssa with the other Rider Crew members listening on knowing it is a trap, but they must save Alyssa. Ethan already left anyway to go save her before they can make a decision.

Ethan shows up with the Dragon Orphnoch knowing that he was coming because the Orphnoch realized Alyssa was important to him. So, the Dragon Orphnoch kidnapped her for Ethan kept getting in his way. And Dragon Orphnoch wanted to turn Alyssa into an Orphnoch in front of Ethan. Ethan and the Dragon Orphnoch fight it out and Ethan gets easily overpowered. Ethan kept trying to get an advantage but the Orphnoch's strength and speed from his Demon and Dragon Form helped him keep up.

Ethan got brutally hurt, couldn't get up, and was about to kill by the Dragon Orphnoch but Ethan got saved by the Auto Vajin which was summoned by Smart Lady. Smart Lady also freed Alyssa telling her that Ethan is chosen to Kamen Rider Delta. Alyssa throws the Delta Driver to Ethan. Ethan in a weak state got his chance and transforms into Kamen Rider Delta. Ethan as Delta and Dragon Orphnoch are evenly matched so the Dragon Orphnoch grabs Alyssa so he can turn her into an Orphnoch. Ethan was hesitant but he kept calm and precisely aim his Delta Blaster to shoot the Orphnoch not trying to hit Alyssa.

Ethan as Delta uses his finisher to the Orphnoch with Ethan looking at downed and defeated Orphnoch. Ethan was about to destroy the Orphnoch but he was stopped by Smart Lady because Phi and Chi need help so he said the Orphnoch got lucky and will get his revenge. Ethan shows up helping out Sydal and Alicia which they just deformed from Kamen Rider Phi and Chi. The three of them transform into Kamen Riders fighting the Frog, Centipede, and Lobster Orphnoch. The two Orphnoch Elites retreated leaving the Frog Orphnoch behind. The Kamen Riders finish off the Frog Orphnoch using their Rider Kick.

Sydal and Alicia and everyone else thanked and congratulation Ethan for his heroic efforts in the situation. When Ethan saw Alyssa, they kissed with Alyssa saying that he never gave up on her even though he knew what he was getting himself into and the dangers of it. But he still went out there and save her.

Sadistic Spider

Ethan and Sydal were sparring outside when Ethan asking Sydal a question about how did feel being a Kamen Rider with Sydal answering that being a Kamen Rider first time was challenging but now being a Kamen Rider to Sydal is stressful and dangerous. After they were done sparring, they noticed the Spider Orphnoch causing havoc and transform into Kamen Rider Phi and Delta. They were to stop the Orphnoch causing more destruction, then the Spider Orphnoch says that he will get his revenge on Kamen Rider Phi. Sydal doesn't know what he is talking about but fights the Orphnoch with Ethan anyway.

Ethan and Sydal were sparring outside with Ethan talking Sydal about how did Sydal feel being a Kamen Rider for the first time. Sydal answers with saying being a Kamen Rider first time was challenging because he never thought he would survive his first battle. Now being a Kamen Rider to Sydal is stressful and dangerous because you're in constant battles and the situations the Kamen Riders and civilians are in could get hurt.

After they were done sparring, they noticed the Spider Orphnoch causing havoc and transform into Kamen Rider Phi and Delta. They were to stop the Orphnoch causing more destruction, then the Spider Orphnoch says that he will get his revenge on Kamen Rider Phi. Sydal doesn't know what he is talking about but fights the Orphnoch with Ethan anyway. Spider Orphnoch easily defeated both Phi and Delta and caused them to deform from their Kamen Rider forms. Sydal and Ethan were barely able to escape the battle. When Sydal and Ethan came to Smart Brain, they looked exhausted and went on the ground needing medical attention.

When Alicia saw Sydal and Ethan hurt, she apologizes for not helping out. Sydal and Ethan understand and forgave Alicia. An Orphnoch attack just occurred and the Rider Crew checks out what's going on with Smart Lady being concerned about Sydal and Ethan going with them being hurt. Sydal and Ethan wanted to join so they can protect everyone from harm.

The Rider Crew confronts the Orphnoch Elites with Smart Lady being shocked on she just witness seeing the Spider Orphnoch. The Kamen Rider and Orphnoch Elites were about to fight but the Spider Orphnoch wanted to do it on his own. Smart Lady doesn't trust them at all and tried them to warn them but Sydal, Alicia, and Ethan transform into Kamen Riders charging at the Orphnoch anyway.

The Kamen Riders were able to defeat the Spider Orphnoch seemingly but the Orphnoch was holding back the entire time. So the Spider Orphnoch and the other Elites arrives and sneak attack on the Rider Crew. Kamen Rider Phi turns into Axel Form using his finishing moves to weaken the Orphnochs but it didn't work. Ethan as Delta was knocked back to the Rider Crew with Smart Lady telling him that he can summon the Jet Sliger to fend off the Orphnoch. When the Jet Sliger was summoned, the Auto Vajin and the Side Basshar were summoned as well and they finally defeated the Orphnoch.



Powers and Abilities


  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist: Ethan took an interest in martial arts in a way to defend himself because he would beaten up by bullies for being a small kid and nerd. He became one of the best fighters in the Rider Crew which is shown he was able to keep up with Sydal Sabin (who's the best fighter in the Rider Crew) and can defeat the Dragon Orphnoch when he goes all out.
  • Strong Will: Ethan has incredible determination. Even when he knows that he can't win a certain battle, Ethan refuses to give up and keeps on fighting no matter what.

Kamen Rider Delta

Kamen Rider Delta

Kamen Rider Delta

Kamen Rider Delta (With SB-555W Phi Axel Watch)

"(Kamen Rider) Standing By! Complete!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 190 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 96 kg.

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 3.5 t.
  • Kicking Power: 8 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 38 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.7 sec.

Ethan transforms into Kamen Rider Delta utilizing the Delta Gear Pass so he can authorize the Delta Gear, which allows him to use the Delta Driver and then inserts the Delta Phone to the Delta Mover to transform.

In Alpha Stage, Delta was given the Phi Axel Watch by Phi to match the Dragon Orphnoch's speed when he's in his Dragon-Human Form.

Once the transformation is completed, the Delta Armor has several key features in its design to offer protection to the user. Like all Rider gears, the Delta armor manifests when the Delta Driver generates only after the wearer transforms.

  • Black Shell Met - The head. It is a reinforced helmet developed by Smart Brain, and has a thin shell layer made out of Sol Metal a supermetal with hardness close to a diamond. An impact absorption bag is installed inside.
  • Full Metal Lung - The chest armor of the Rider provides the most protection, being able to withstand Anti-tank weaponry. It has a structure in which two shock-absorbing bags are sandwiched between four layers of Sol Metal, allowing the heavy armor to repel tank fire. There is also an oxygen tank attached that can provide up to three hours of oxygen.
  • Global Feeler - The antennae. They communicate with the artificial satellites Eagle Sat and Hawk Eye that support Kamen Rider Delta's systems. They can collect information as well as download new programs.
  • Demon's Slate - A strengthening device located directly on the triangle part of the chestplate. It forcibly raises the frequency of the gamma brain waves to increase the wearer's fighting instincts. However, it can change the wearer's personality and cause mental breakdown over prolonged usage.
  • Photon Blood: A glowing blue/white plasma substance that provides all of the Rider’s powers and generates all of the physical features of the armor. The Photon Blood is generated from the Delta Driver.
  • Photon Streams - The white lines running all over the body. It is an energy flow path that contains the fluid energy Photon Blood which is blue for Delta when transforming, white after transformed. Every suite developed by Smart Brain has Photon Blood, each one with a different color.
  • Photon Terminals - Where the Photon Streams connect with the gauntlets and greaves. It is twice as strong as Kamen Rider Phi and Kamen Rider Chi's. It has three terminals connected that emit a lot of energy, so this equipment has resistors along the stream so that the suit itself does not self-destruct, and it supplies power to the whole body in a stable manner. There is another Photon Terminal located on the back.
    • Power Anklets - The ankle armor.
    • Flex Bellows - They surround the calves as a shock absorbing air bag to protect the legs from the intense impact when kicking or from falling.
    • Photon Muzzle - They are control terminals that releases concentrated Photon Blood onto the sole of the foot when kicking. The opening is in the shape of the letter "Δ".
  • Sol Foam/Metal - Soft parts of the armor are made of Sol Foam, and the hard parts are made of Sol Metal. This substance is generated by the Delta Driver to form complex machinery that is powered by Photon Blood. If the Foam or Metal are damaged, the armor switches off and resets itself.
  • Ultimate Finder - The large eyepieces of the Rider give them an incredible vision. They can see in darkness with no problems and have an unlimited amount of X-ray vision.

This form has two finishers.

  • When the Delta Mission Memory is inserted into the Delta Blaster, it will say "READY" and extend 3 barrels out the front of the Delta Blaster. When the "Check" command is spoken, it will say "EXCEED CHARGE".
    • Delta Blaster finisher:
      • Lucifer's Hammer: When the Delta Mission Memory is inserted into the Delta Blaster, Delta fires the energy drill but except instead of coming from a Pointer, the Photon Stream is shot from the Delta Mover, and instead of stopping short in midair, it hits and stuns the adversary, after which the Rider executes either a flying front kick, a bicycle kick, or a front dropkick into the stream, causing the target Orphnoch's destruction in a red-colored flame burst instead of the normal blue flame. Lucifer's Hammer technique appears to be somewhat stronger than the other Rider Kicks. The energy drill is white with a light-blue aura.
      • Delta Shoot: When the Delta Mission Memory is inserted into the Delta Blaster, Delta fires 12 powerful bursts of energy in one shot at the target.

Appearances: 555 Episodes 12-17, 19, 21-36



  • SB-333B Delta Driver - Delta's transformation device.
    • SB-333GP Delta Gear Pass - The key that allows the user to transform into Kamen Rider Delta.
    • SB-333P Delta Phone - The walkie-talkie-shaped control unit of the Delta Gear & the first half of the Delta Blaster.
    • SB-333DV Delta Mover - The digital camcorder-shaped viewscreen & the second half of the Delta Blaster.
      • Delta Mission Memory - A small metallic card key that stores the information of the Delta Armor.


  • Delta Blaster - The combined form of the Delta Phone and Delta Mover and Delta's main weapon.
  • SB-555W Phi Axel Watch - A stopwatch that enables Phi to gain access to Axel Form once the Axel Mission Memory replaces the regular Mission Memory in the Faiz Phone. Temporarily used to match the Dragon Orphnoch in Dragon-Human form's speed. Alpha Stage


  • SB-VX0 Jet Sliger - A heavily armed combat motorcycle.


  • Kumiko Jackson -
  • Austin Brewer -
  • Jacqueline Eve -
  • Smart Lady -
  • Eliza Kasey -
  • Elise Kasey -

  • Kit Taylor -
  • Len -
  • Kase -

  • Orphnoch King -
  • Rose Orphnoch -
  • Spider Orphnoch/Kyle Shinkai -
  • Lobster Orphnoch -
  • Centipede Orphnoch -
  • Dragon Orphnoch/Ken Zaki
  • Crocodile Orphnoch

  • David Stuart -

Relationship List:


  • Alyssa Carson (dating)
  • Jacqueline Eve (best friend; sister figure)
  • Austin Brewer (best friend; brother figure)
  • Kumiko Jackson (best friend; sister figure)
  • Alicia Kasey (best friend; sister figure)
  • Sydal Sabin (best friend; brother figure)
  • Smart Lady
  • Eliza Kasey (good friend)
  • Elise Kasey
  • Chase Sabin
  • Desmond Sabin
  • Crystal Hunter
  • Crab Orphnoch (best friend; brother figure)


  • Dragon Orphnoch/Ken Zaki (arch-rival)
  • Rose Orphnoch
  • Spider Orphnoch/Kyle Shinkai
  • Lobster Orphnoch
  • Centipede Orphnoch
  • Crocodile Orphnoch
  • David Stuart

Love Interest(s)


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