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ElectroKamen Sword

"Liner Form!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
"JackSword! MackRod! LackAx! KrackGun!"
―Finsiher announcement[src]

The Heavy Spinning Sword DenKamen Sword is Kamen Rider Electric King Liner Form's weapon in the shape of a broadsword with a blade in the shape of a clock hand, created by the Taros Brothers for Dwayne thanks to Krack Taros' drawing, serving as a means of communication from the ElectroLiner. Once the Rider Pass is inserted into it, Electric King assumes Liner Form to use the sword's full power. The four Tarōs Brothers are then (humorously) united at a single point. The Turntable hilt has the four masks of Sword, Rod, Ax, & Gun Forms. The Turntable spins by pulling the Delta Lever, & the Tarōs Brothers can speak through the sword when the respective mask is spun to the blade side. The default mode is JackSword, while the other three settings are MackRod, LackAx, & KrackGun. The ElectroKamen Sword allows Dwayne to use one of five attacks, performing a different rushing attack on a set of energy tracks with the silhouette named the Aura-Liner of the mode's repective train car covering him. Dwayne dubs the five attacks the Train Slash - a name the Taros Brothers & Justina find completely unimaginative.

  • In JackSword Mode, Electric King performs a powerful horizontal slash through the target with the Inferno's Aura-Liner covering him named the ElectroKamen Slash.
  • In MackRod Mode, Electric King executes a forward lunging stab with the Dynamic Stone's Aura-Liner covering him named the ElectroKamen Attack.
  • In LackAx Mode, Electric King executes a forward bashing with the Lightcrack's Aura-Liner covering him named the ElectroKamen Chop. This attack was the only finisher not demonstrated through the course of the show.
  • In KrackGun Mode, Electric King utilizes a projectile thrust attack at the target with the Thunderpower's Aura-Liner covering him named the ElectroKamen Shot. A variation of this move involves Electric King using the ElectroKamen Sword as a gun, firing multiple purple beam projectiles to multiple targets.
  • By spinning the Turntable several complete rotations, the symbol in the center charges up & Dwayne performs the Fullthrottle Break, with Aura-Liners of all four trains flanking him on either side.

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