Drake Sherbert is the co-creator of the Basic beast.Not much is known about him other than him being dead.He was brought back to life when an energy surge hit one of the lasers he invented and it brought him back younger.He used this chance to rule the basic beast.He grabbed the Unfinished and highly dangerous Proto-Street driver and brace and became Power rider Golden Race.Because his body is made of artifcal skin and flesh the recoil from the driver doesn't hurt a lot as if a normal human would use it.It is revealed that he is Chris' father.When Drake used the dark street driver it absorbed him into it.He then took over 006's body to become Power rider Golden Race. Drake had come in after Chris betrayed the team to get data on the Basic Beasts. Drake had thought his new body would be able to control the pro to type but he was absorbed and had to use 006's destroyed body. After creating D.O.B.A.H he went to fight the traitor and the failure. Drake had defeated Cole easily knowing his weak points but Chris put up a challenge. Drake ended off defeating and destroying him. He was killed by Chris using the cross form

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