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Dragon Knight: Alien Invaders is a series by Sierra.


After Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, alien invaders destroy Ventara. Adam, Hunt, Chance, and Price flee to Earth. Len and Kit hide from the rest of the world, training. However, the invaders of Ventara come to Earth. When Len and Kit realize this, their vents and decks accidentally break, so they create new devices: Anti-Invader Force Morphers, or simply AIF tools. They try to get the other Dragon Knight Riders, but most have been captured by the Ventara. Kase meets up with Len and Kit. The invaders conquer Earth, making the remaining humans their slaves. So Kit, Kase, and Len race through space fighting the invaders. But there are things they haven't learned about the AIF tools . . .


  1. Alien Invaders
  2. Race To Earth
  3. Captured
  4. Kit and Len