Douglas Simpson
Kamen Rider Predator Nega
Gender: Male
Motif: Lizard
Rider Type: Villain
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Sylvester McCoy
Kamen Rider Predator Nega

Douglas Simpson is the chairman of Prescott Pharmacy.

Character History


Douglas is a corrupt business man who has little concern for the lives of others and considers the city his company is in as nothing more than a "testing facility" for his projects. He also prioritizes the Predatorz experiment over public safety. It was he who let the Predatorz escape to see their full potential. As such, there is question to his sanity as he laughed maniacally when Zak realized it was him who let the Predatorz out. He also seems to have a fascination with ecology and the Darwinist philosophies of survival and natural selection, as he views the Predatorz eliminating one another or being killed off by humans a form of man-made ecology with whatever results being evolution or survival of the fittest.