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Zanvat Sword

The Demon Imperial Sword Zanvat Sword was a sword of great power crafted & used by the previous King until he tossed the weapon into Castle Doran's wall. By the present year, after sensing the power of Scott as he evokes Vampire King's Flight Style, the sword forced itself out of Castle Doran's walls.

The Zanvat Sword is soon after modified with a living hilt named Zanvat, who was created from the Life Energies of the Arms Monsters to control the unstable powers of the blade from evoking Scott's Fangire blood. Though Scott is accepted as an ideal user, he has yet to fully master the Zanvat Sword's true power.

When used by Vampire King in Emperor form, its finishing attack is the Final Zanvat Slash where Vampire King's power is focused into the Imperial Blade. The attack is powerful enough to destroy giant monsters such as Sabbats & even a Mother Viparc.

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