David Ikeda is the Head Mechanic of the Ikeda Auto Shop and Jiro Ikeda's son


A carefree individual with a love of machinery, David believes that humans can overcome any hardships if they work hard and put faith in technology and themselves. He is often annoyed with Adam running off in the middle of work and wonders why his father won't fire him for doing so. Often, he is shy and nervous around most young women except Mari and only feels at ease when he is working on their cars or has Adam nearby to help him out. Mari has a crush on David but fails to convey her feelings out of fear of losing her job and he is sometimes oblivious to her attempts to tell him. His relationship with Meiko is very much like an overprotective older brother and is often seen using a huge wrench when someone threatens to harm her, often with mixed or comedic outcomes.


  • David Ikeda is named after anime voice actor David Whittenberg, who voiced Kikaider in the American dub of Kikaider: The Animation and Toku Actor Shunsuke Ikeda.