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David's Kamen Rider series is a set of fanfics made by DaveYun775.


Production for the first series was started at around October 2020, after seeing

After many months of planning, redesigning, and waiting, Kamen Rider Memory is set to be released in October 2021, with a prologue starting a week before.

Confirmed Series

  1. Kamen Rider Memory (October 2021 - 2022. Serving as a celebration to the franchise's 50th anniversary)
  2. Kamen Rider Honor (2022 - 2023)
  3. Kamen Rider Grace (2023 - 2024)
  4. Kamen Rider 900 (2024 - TBA)
  5. Kamen Rider Gold Rush (TBA)
  6. Kamen Rider Carnage (TBA)
  7. Kamen Rider Tranquility (TBA)
  8. Kamen Rider Oathkeeper

Upcoming Series

  1. A Basketball focused Kamen Rider season (TBA)
  2. ?

Kamen Riders

Main Protagonists

Kamen Rider Memory Haruka Nojima
Kamen Rider Honor Yujin Ohtori
Kamen Rider Grace Nanae Haruno
Kamen Rider 900 Taichi Hawk
Kamen Rider Gold Rush Arthur Koizumi
Kamen Rider Carnage Masaru Taizen
Kamen Rider Tranquility Yukari Jahana
Kamen Rider Oathkeeper Thomas Duvall

Secondary Riders

Kamen Rider Record Masato Kiryu
Kamen Rider Justice Kazuki Kuroyin
Kamen Rider President Shizuku Kazetani
Kamen Rider Kickflip TBA

Tertiary Riders

Kamen Rider Format Soren Kurayami
Kamen Rider Control Satoshi Kasuya
Kamen Rider Sparkling Luna Kashiwagi
Kamen Rider 50-50 TBA

4th Riders

Kamen Rider Storage Yusaku Shinto
Kamen Rider Solitude Anna Chuhalin
Kamen Rider Secret Yukana Hamaoka
Kamen Rider McTwist TBA

Main Villains

Kamen Rider Malware Malware
Kamen Rider Angel Angel

Extra Riders


Kamen Rider Safespace Hiroki Kazunari
Kamen Rider Producer Rikuto Nagase
Kamen Rider Backup Lillian Nojima


the author has revealed that regardless of the reception of his stories, he will continue the series, since he has expressed interest in trying to. He also has some ideas about any future themed Kamen Rider series. For example: He wanted to do a Basketball inspired Kamen Rider after a Skateboarding one.


  • Each Kamen Rider season of his work has different themes:
    • Memory focuses on the concept of photography, the sheer fact of memories, and the horror tone
    • Honor is more akin to law enforcement, even in a Zombie apocalypse.
    • Grace talks
    • 900's entire focus is skateboarding
    • Gold Rush explains about the entire concept of money and
    • Carnage
    • Tranquility is largely inspired by
    • Oathkeeper's entire setting is about fantasy, knights and
  • Out of the 8 series he did, 3 have female protagonists (Memory, Grace and Tranquility) where as the other five have
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