Cyber Demons

Cyber Demons are the soldiers of Dark Jugglus. They are humans who are turned into cyborgs with special abilities. Cyber Demons retain their necessary human organs like brain, blood and nutrition system, but the rest of their body parts go through either cybernetic enhancements or cellular alteration.

The weak members are turned into Metal Cyber Demons, whose enhancements are not severe and permanent. The rest are turned into Cyber Demons of other kinds, with their powers depending on their own abilities as well as the nature of their enhancements.

Kamen Rider Dev RX can summon copies of Cyber Demons in his Shadow Moon - Ryuga form.

List of Cyber Demons

  • Juggler
  • Skyspy
  • Metal Cyber Demons
  • Fire Cyber Demon
  • Raptor Cyber Demon
  • Alpha Cyber Demon
  • Lightning Cyber Demon
  • Water Cyber Demon
  • Elemental Cyber Demon
  • Giant Cyber Demon


  • All the Cyber Demons except Juggler and Skyspy have been designed by User:ItzJeppy as per the creator's requests.
  • The Cyber Demons' designs take inspiration from the following
    • Fire / Water: Elemental Dragon (Kamen Rider Saber)
    • Raptor: Raptor Zord / Zyudenryu Zakutor (Power Rangers Dino Charge / Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)
    • Alpha: Amazon Alpha (Kamen Rider Amazons), 9'α (DARLING in the FRANXX)
    • Lightning: The Flash, Black Flash (DC Comics/Movies)
    • Elemental: Strelizia (DARLING in the FRANXX)
    • Giant: Goliath (Bible), Delta Command Megazord / DekaBase Robo (Power Rangers S.P.D. / Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger)
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