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"Let the Game Begin"
―SkyJet's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"Good to see you guys. Taking care of all of you...is also part of my job"
―Chase as he encounters the Elite Orphnochs[src]

Chase Sabin is the second secondary rider of Kamen Rider 555. He is a human/Orphnoch hybrid young man that became a member of Smart Brain, known as the Lion Orphnoch. He is the younger brother of the series' protagonist Sydal Sabin and the second son of the original Phi and Chi Desmond Sabin and Crystal Hunter. He became Kamen Rider SkyJet after he stole the SkyJet (Ψ) Gear with Crystal and Desmond stole the Sigma and Omega Gear.




Becoming Kamen Rider SkyJet

After Smart Lady created the SkyJet, Omega, and Sigma Driver, the Rider Crew had to leave for an Orphnoch-related investigation. It allowed Chase and his parents to take the drivers and help the Rider Crew. When Chase and his parents show up as Kamen Riders, they were able to put up a better fight against five Orphnochs than Phi, Chi, and Delta. SkyJet, Omega, and Sigma took on the Orphnoch Elites while Phi, Chi, Delta, and the Rider Crew took on the five regular Orphnochs.

The five Orphnochs were defeated so Chase as SkyJet teamed up with Sydal as Phi against Centipede Orphnoch with Chi and Sigma teamed up against the Lobster Orphnoch and Omega and Delta teamed up against the Dragon Orphnoch. The Orphnoch Elites retreated, and Chase and his parents introduce themselves to the Rider Crew. After being taken to Smart Brain, he was noticed by Smart Lady wondering who he is with his parents saying that he's their son.

Meeting his brother Sydal

Chase and his parents got introduced by Smart Lady and Alicia explain to them how the Rider Crew came to be. Chase was impressed and wanted to join the Rider Crew. But Sydal needs to agree so Chase steps in asking if he can talk to Sydal. After witnessing Sydal fighting the Orphnoch for a little while, Chase finally talks to his brother for the first time wondering how he is like when people meet him.

Chase accidentally stops Sydal's meditation and says he wants to see him and knows he must get used to his parents and brother being around. Also, he wants to get along with Sydal and the others because Chase didn't have any friends just like Sydal. So, meeting the Rider Crew is Chase's opportunity to finally make friends. Chase and Sydal were alerted that Orphnoch was detected in the city. During Chase, his parents, and the Rider Crew were in the city. Sydal was suddenly attacked in the leg disabling him from walking,

Chase takes his back to Smart Brain so Sydal can heal. The Spider Orphnoch shows up near Smart Brain with Chase confronts the Orphnoch. An hour has passed, SkyJet and the Spider Orphnoch are still fighting evenly match although the SkyJet Gear is more powerful than the Phi Gear. Sydal completely heals and helps Chase against the Spider Orphnoch. When the Rider Crew continues to fight the Orphnoch Elites, Chase and Sydal show up to help the Kamen Rider. After the Orphnoch were defeated, Chase and his parents were allowed to be in the Rider Crew.

Brother Rivalry

Sydal and Chase have a sparring session in the fighting simulator alongside Alicia, Ethan, Desmond, and Crystal. Chase wasn't done and kept on trying to fight but Sydal tries to knock him out without hurting him. Chase keeps fighting so Sydal restrains him by putting him into a chokehold to calm him down. Chase gives up and with Sydal checking up on him but after that, Chase makes a promise and challenges Sydal in a battle and it will happen someday where Sydal accepts and admits that he was impressed by Chase's determination and refusing to give up on the fight.

When everyone was alerted about three Orphnochs being in the city, Sydal wants to fight them on his own which he ended up finding and battling the three Orphnochs but Chase suddenly arrived wanting to fight the Orphnochs by himself but not finishing them off. Sydal sees what Chase is doing and tries to talk some sense on destroying Orphnochs. The Orphnochs were about to run away but Desmond shows up and destroyed them easily. Desmond deforms from Omega and angrily speaks to Sydal and Chase about they let their guard and almost let their enemies get away. So, Desmond takes Sydal and Chase back to Smart Brain to discuss what has gotten into them. Sydal and Chase were told by Smart Lady, Desmond, and Crystal about what is going on with them with Sydal and Chase answering their reasons on how the Orphnoch were about to run away.

But when realizing that both are at fault, Smart Lady asked them that they shouldn't argue amongst each other and wants them to get along and be on good terms which Sydal and Chase ended up getting along and hugging each other. A day later, Chase wanted to apologize to Sydal for how he acted the other day, so he want to make it up to him by challenging him into a battle. Sydal doesn't want to fight now but wants to do the battle later. Chase suddenly starts fighting him trying to force him into battle.

Sydal and Chase decide on settling their differences with an all-out duel to determine the better fighter. Sydal and Chase headed to the fighting simulator setting it to a giant empty arena. Sydal and Chase transform into Kamen Riders and started dueling. They were constantly brawling until SkyJet took Phi outside. Phi switched to Axel Form to keep up with SkyJet's speed. He was able to chase down SkyJet and damage his Flying Attacker before reverting to Phi form. SkyJet switched to melee combat with his SkyJet Tonfa Edges and the fight dragged back into the stadium. SkyJet charged at Phi, his Tonfa glowing as his finisher, SkyJet Slash was initialized.

Phi summons the Auto Vajin to retrieve his Phi Edge for a counterattack in time to deflect his opponent's right blow and re-directed the weapon right onto the SkyJet Driver. Not letting up, Phi quickly hit the Enter Button on his Phi Phone when the blow stunned SkyJet, completing the Sparkle Cut to deforming Chase from Kamen Rider SkyJet. The fighting simulator deactivates and Sydal deforms from Kamen Rider Phi as well. Sydal and Chase are on the floor tired and breathing heavily.

They look at each other smiling at the epic battle they were in. They helped each other get back up and Chase appreciated Sydal for winning the hard-fought battle. The Rider Crew then shows up to congratulate Sydal and Chase for their efforts by having a group hug.

Rivalry with Crocodile Orphnoch

The Rider Crew were worried about Chase because they didn't see him. Desmond said he's sure that Chase is fine, and he can handle himself, but Sydal is still concerned about him. Everyone was alerted about an Orphnoch just appeared, so they went ahead to fight with Chase not being seen. The Kamen Riders showed up in the city and the Crocodile Orphnoch appeared in the shock of Sydal and Alicia thinking that the Orphnoch was destroyed. The Crocodile Orphnoch started charging at Sydal when Sydal didn't get a chance to transform. The other riders tried restraining the Orphnoch as quickly as they can. They fought back while remaining in their human state, but the Crocodile Orphnoch defeated them.

The Crocodile Orphnoch was about to destroy Sydal but Chase stops his attack. SkyJet was overpowering him and kept cutting him off until he started to get tired and weak because of the effects of the medicine are wearing down which costed him to get attacked rapidly so Sydal was able to save him and got him back to consciousness. Everyone else transformed into Kamen Riders outmatching the Orphnoch six to three but the Rose, Dragon, and Spider Orphnoch show up. During the fight, Chase was on the verge of passing out, so Sydal made a solution. His solution was to turn Axel Form to finish the battle off quickly. He also used Axel Form to escape to Smart Brain with the Riders. When they got in Smart Brain, Chase passes out on Sydal and got back to bed for a rest.



Power and Abilities

  • Hybrid Physiology: Due to his half-Orphnoch heritage, Chase has immense strength and potential as an human and Orphnoch.
  • Superhuman Strength: His Orphnoch DNA and constant physical training caused Chase to get great physical strength compared to any typical human.
  • Transform between Human and Orphnoch form: Due to his Orphnoch DNA, Chase can between his Orphnoch and Human form.
    • Sensing: Being an Orphnoch can allow Chase to sense both humans and Orphnochs.
  • Rage Boost: When Chase get enraged, his physical stats (either in Human, Orphnoch, or Rider Form) keeps increasing the more he gets angry.

  • Master Hand-to Hand Combatant/Master Martial Artist: Being trained by his parents has allowed Chase to be a skilled and very gifted fighter with a quick and athletic fighting style because of his intense but somewhat exhausting training. He's shown to be one of the best fighters in Rider Crew being a formidable opponent to where he was evenly matched with Sydal Sabin (who's the best fighter in the Rider Crew).
  • Peak Human Condition: Chase has trained with his parents ever since he was as a kid. He's developed perfect muscle definition with a very athletic physique - a trait that he shares with his mother, father, and older brother.
    • Peak Human Speed: Chase can run and moves at speeds faster more than any human and Orphnoch in their human and Orphnoch form (without any form of super speed).
    • Peak Human Durability:
    • Peak Human Stamina:
    • Peak Human Agility:
    • Peak Human Reflexes:
  • Master Acrobat/Insane Athleticism: Chase is proven to be very agile and evasive to his enemies, fluidly doing flips dodge attacks from multiple directions with coordinated flips, twists, and sharp turns without losing balance. He often utilizes these talents in combat for both evasive and offensive purposes.
  • Strong Will: Chase has incredible determination. Even when he knows that he can't win a certain battle, Ethan refuses to give up and keeps on fighting no matter what.

  • Orphnoch Form (Formerly): Being a child and an Orphnoch/Human hybrid cause Chase to unwillingly turn into an Orphnoch and goes to berserk to anything that got in his way (including humans).

  • Forms

    Kamen Rider SkyJet

    Kamen Rider SkyJet

    Kamen Rider SkyJet with Flying Attacker

    "(3-1-5) Standing By! Complete!"
    ―Transformation announcement[src]

    Rider Statistics

    • Rider Height: 193 cm.
    • Rider Weight: 98 kg.

    Ability Parameters:

    • Punching Power: 3.5 t.
    • Kicking Power: 8 t.
    • Maximum Jump Height: 40 m.
    • Maximum Flying Height: 5000 m.
    • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.5 sec.
    • Maximum Flying Speed: approx. 100 m. per 0.4 sec.

    Chase transforms into Kamen Rider SkyJet utilizing the SkyJet Gear Pass so he can authorize the SkyJet Gear, which allows him to use the SkyJet Driver and then inserts the SkyJet Phone to the driver to transform.

    The SkyJet Gear was as the fourth Rider Gear created by Smart Lady after the Phi, Chi, and Delta were getting outnumbered by the Orphnoch Elites. SkyJet appeared to be as fast and strong as the existing gears, matching Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form for speed and Chi for strength. Because the weapons appear once the armor is formed and was created based on trial data from the previous gears, it possesses much greater functionality and ability than the previous riders.

    Once the transformation is completed, the SkyJet Armor has several key features in its design to protect protection to the user. Like all Rider gears, the SkyJet armor manifests when the SkyJet Driver generates only after the wearer transforms.

    Kamen Rider SkyJet is composed of the following parts:

    • Full Metal Lung: The chest armor. It has a structure in which two shock-absorbing bags are sandwiched between four layers of Sol Metal, allowing the heavy armor to repel tank fire. An oxygen tank is built-in.
    • SkyJet Core: In the center of the Full Metal Lung is a large glowing purple dome. This serves as the heart for the Photon Blood.
    • Global Feeler: The antennae. They communicate with the artificial satellites Eagle Sat and Hawk Eye that support Kamen Rider SkyJet's systems. They can collect information as well as download new programs.
    • Photon Blood: A glowing blue plasma substance that provides all of the Rider’s powers and generates all of the physical features of the armor. The Photon Blood is generated from the SkyJet Driver. On a note, the SkyJet Gear produces two times more Photon Blood than Normal Phi usually does.
    • Photon Streams Ver. 2: The path that the Photon Blood travels through the Rider’s armor. This advanced version of the regular "Photon Streams" was installed to better deal with the great amount of "Photon Blood" that the Gear produces. Psyga's path is blue and follows an irregular pattern (unlike the other gears) which gives SkyJet's "Photon Streams" a light resemblance with real blood veins.
    • Photon Terminals: Where the Photon Streams connect with the gauntlets and greaves, the source of punching power.
    • Luna Foam/Metal: Soft parts of the armor are made of Luna Foam, and the hard parts are made of Luna Metal. This substance is generated by the SkyJet Driver to form complex machinery that is powered by Photon Blood. If the Foam or Metal are damaged, the armor switches off and resets itself. Aside from being white, Luna Foam and Metal don't seem to differ too much from Sol Foam and Metal.
    • Sky High Finder: The large eyepieces of the Rider give them an incredible vision. They can see far distances or in darkness with no problems & have an unlimited amount of X-ray vision.

    This form has four finishers.

    • Pressing "Enter" on the SkyJet Phone allows SkyJet to execute an "EXCEED CHARGE" attack, depending on the item he inserted the Mission Memory into; sending a burst of power from the SkyJet Driver along the Photon Streams to the weapon in question, giving it a tremendous power boost, and in some cases extra abilities.
      • SB-315C SkyJet Shot finisher:
        • Sky Impact: By inserting the SkyJet Mission Memory into the SkyJet Shot, SkyJet throws a punch powered by the energy inside the SkyJet Shot.
      • SB-315F Flying Attacker (Booster Rifle Mode) finisher:
        • Cobalt Smash: By inserting the SkyJet Mission Memory into the SkyJet Tonfa Edge and puts it back in the Flying Attacker Booster Rifle Mode, SkyJet flies in the air and fires a blue energy drill from the Flying Attacker towards his target for a flying side kick as the deathblow.
        • Rifle Shooting: By inserting the SkyJet Mission Memory into the SkyJet Tonfa Edge and puts it back in the Flying Attacker Booster Rifle Mode, SkyJet fires a powerful and large blast of Photon Blood at the target.
      • SB-315T SkyJet Tonfa Edge finisher:
        • SkyJet Slash: By inserting the SkyJet Mission Memory into the SkyJet Tonfa Edge, SkyJet overcharges the energy in the blade, allowing it to perform more powerful cuts. The damage is not caused by the blade itself, but by the energy that it discharges once in contact with the target.

    Appearances: 555 Episodes 16-17, 19-36

    Lion Orphnoch

    Lion Orphnoch


    • Height: 214 cm.
    • Weight: 137 kg.

    The Lion Orphnoch is Chase's Orphnoch form. As a kid, Chase transforms into the Lion Orphnoch but unwillingly due to Chase being a Human/Orphnoch hybrid and being young. He also goes insane and attacks people. When he grew up, he manages to control his Orphnoch form due to his father sustaining him because his father is also an Orphnoch. This form is quite powerful on its own as it far surpasses a normal Orphnoch's powers. Orphnoch with the nature of the lion. Though not much to be known the Lion Orphnoch is armed with a combat staff while bearing the motif of a Roman gladiator.

    Powers and Abilities
    Human Form
    As Chase has his half-human side, he can freely shift from Orphnoch to human form to blend into society.
    Orphnoch Creation
    As an Elite-level Orphnoch, Chase can kill other humans to increase the numbers of Orphnochs. However, he has yet never demonstrated this ability.
    Violent Emotion Power-up
    The Lion Orphnoch can upgrade his body's physical appearance that granted him greater capabilities. But unlike the Wolf and Horse Orphnoch, the Lion Orphnoch's appearance doesn't change as much compared to the Wolf and Horse Orphnoch where it doesn't count as a different form, just a power-up for the Lion Orphnoch.
    Going Berserk
    When Chase was a kid, he transforms into the Lion Orphnoch unwillingly and he goes berserk and attacks uncontrollably.
    Lion Lance
    His Lance is his principal weapon against his opponents.

    Appearances: 555 Episodes 28, 32



    • SB-315B SkyJet Driver: Transformation device
      • SB-315GP SkyJet Gear Pass - The key that allows the user to transform into Kamen Rider SkyJet.
      • SB-315P SkyJet Phone: The control unit of the SkyJet Gear
        • SkyJet Mission Memory: A small metallic card key containing the information of the SkyJet Armor


    • SB-315C SkyJet Shot - Digital camera-shaped knuckle-duster.
    • SB-315F Flying Attacker: A high-tech backpack worn by Kamen Rider SkyJet.
    • SB-315T SkyJet Tonfa Edge: Are a pair of bladed tonfa used by SkyJet in battle, as well as an alternative mode of the Flying Attacker.
    • SB-913X Chi Blade Gunner - A special weapon that is both a pistol, a dagger, and a lightsaber. Temporary used to slash the Frilled Lizard and Crab Orphnoch back so he can get Alicia out of the way. Desmond and Crystal's Retribution


    • Kumiko Jackson -
    • Smart Lady -
    • Eliza Kasey -
    • Austin Brewer -
    • Jacqueline Eve -

    • Kit Taylor -
    • Len -
    • Kase -

    • Orphnoch King -
    • Rose Orphnoch -
    • Spider Orphnoch/Kyle Shinkai -
    • Lobster Orphnoch -
    • Centipede Orphnoch -
    • Dragon Orphnoch
    • Crocodile Orphnoch

    • David Stuart -

    Relationship List:




    • Crocodile Orphnoch (rival)
    • Rose Orphnoch
    • Spider Orphnoch/Kyle Shinkai
    • Lobster Orphnoch
    • Centipede Orphnoch
    • Dragon Orphnoch
    • David Stuart
    • Mirage Tornado
    • Dog Ωmega Orphnoch
    • Scorpion Orphnoch (Female)

    Love Interest(s)

    • Kumiko Jackson (girlfriend)


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