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Chase's Admirer
Kamen Rider 555, Episode 25
Airdate: TBA
Production Information
Written by: TBA
Directed by: TBA
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Orphnoch's Heroic Sacrifice


Sydal's First Love

Chase's Admirer is the twenty-fifth episode of Kamen Rider 555 and the end of the Sabin Survival Saga that started with Episode 16. It features the return of the Dragon, Centipede, and Lobster Orphnochs since their last appearance in episode 21.


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Chase is taking a deep breath preparing to train at a forest. He intensely trains around the forest running in different directions. He deflects arrows using his SkyJet Tonfa Edge and blasts small boulders using his Flying Attacker. The final part of his training is transforming into SkyJet and gives a large boulder a Cobalt Smash. After he finished his training, he starts to relax petting nearby animals and pouring forest water on his face and body. He finishes up with his relaxation and summons the Flying Attacker so he can go back to Smart Brain.

In Smart Brain, the Rider Crew has just woke up wondering where Chase is. Desmond says Chase is probably training in the forest. Sydal wonders why does Chase trains in a forest. Desmond responds with that Chase trains in a forest because it's a place where Chase can be alone without any distractions and he usually sets his own obstacles so he can train properly and after he finishes, he relaxes by petting some nearby animals and resting in refined forest water which interests Sydal and wants to follow along.

In the city, the remaining members of the Rider Crew are shown to be outside with Alicia and Ethan training against Kumiko. Ethan and Alicia hold back on Kumiko because she is the least-experienced fighter of the Rider Crew and needed plenty of training because whenever she fights alongside the Rider Crew she's the one who gets overpowered first. Kumiko puts up a good fight but got easily defeated by Alicia and laughs it out in the end. Even-though, Ethan understood why Kumiko doesn't want to fight because she's scared and she thinks violence isn't solution to everything but Orphnochs are trying to rule the planet and they will stop at nothing to take over Earth.

All of a sudden, Chase was noticed flying and headed toward the Rider Crew's direction. He lands in the ground and greets the Rider Crew. Kumiko asks Chase if he can train with them and her reason is Chase is well-experienced fighter mainly because Desmond trains him. Chase will be useful to their training sessions. Kumiko starts to practice on her skills with Chase guiding her through the moves he's showing. Chase asked her to test some her skills with a decent fight happened until Kumiko pretended that she was hurt to trick Chase and tried to throw him on the ground. But Chase recovered back as the victor.

The Crocodile Orphnoch appears behind Chase declaring a challenge. Kumiko stands in front of Chase saying she will be the one to fight the Orphnoch. Chase holds her back immediately knowing she doesn't stand a chance. Kumiko begs him to fight so she prove herself but Chase tells her that she doesn't have skills and capabilities to even defeat the Orphnoch. Chase, Ethan, and Alicia transform and the Crocodile Orphnoch summons the Owl and Scarab Orphnoch so Delta and Chi won't interfere in his fight against SkyJet.

The Rider Crew also got involved with Kumiko being with SkyJet, Alyssa and Jacqueline being with Chi, and Austin being with Delta with the Auto Vajin. The two groups of Chi and the girls, and Delta, Austin, and Auto Vajin overpowered their individual Orphnochs while SkyJet and Kumiko were giving the Crocodile Orphnoch a hard time. But Kumiko kept on getting overpowered but with SkyJet on her side, they had great teamwork and was able to takeout the Orphnoch. So the Crocodile Orphnoch made a plan where the Owl Orphnoch use his ability to emit black gas to blind the nearby Riders and Rider Crew members and take them to a different location. The Owl and Scarab Orphnochs stays with the plan and everyone are gone besides SkyJet and Kumiko.

Owl and Scarab Orphnoch sent the Riders and the Rider Crew to a forest and the Spider, Dragon, Centipede, and Lobster Orphnoch shows up. The Orphnoch were overpowering the Riders and Rider Crew members so Sydal, Desmond, and Crystal were called then showed up to the forest. The Kamen Riders with the Rider Crew against the Orphnoch were having all-out battle. Meanwhile, SkyJet and Kumiko were still batting until Kumiko got seriously hurt so SkyJet took her back to Smart Brain.

Chase puts Kumiko in a medical bed so she can rest and heal. Kumiko kept asking him to let her fight but Chase said if she keeps fighting, she will get injury or possibly killed. Chase wants Kumiko to heal so she can be stronger and fight at full power. A hurt Kumiko was about to go out to fight but Smart Lady stops her saying that she needs to rest but Kumiko is being stubborn. So Smart Lady give her advice about if she becomes a Kamen Rider, she needs to make smart decisions like healing to full power. Kumiko takes Smart Lady's words to consideration and stays in Smart Brain.

Both the Crocodile Orphnoch and Chase shows up at the forest at the same time. During the battle, SkyJet was getting knocked back by the Crocodile, Owl, Scarab Orphnoch but Kumiko and Smart Lady saves him and Kumiko fights alongside Chase. The battle ends with Phi Axel and SkyJet uses their Rider Kicks to all the Orphnochs in which the Owl and Scarab Orphnochs get destroyed. Everyone returns to Smart Brain and Chase asks Kumiko to train her as her teacher. Kumiko said yes with her kissing Chase on the cheek, saying that he's a cutie, and walk out happily. Sydal comforts him saying that he felt same thing and he asks him if Chase and Kumiko needs help, Sydal will have their back.


Rider Crew

Orphnoch Elite

  • Crocodile Orphnoch
  • Dragon Orphnoch
  • Centipede Orphnoch
  • Lobster Orphnoch
  • Spider Orphnoch/Kyle Shinkai

Guest Cast

  • Owl Orphnoch
  • Scarab Orphnoch

Forms and Mission Memories used

  • Mission Memories used
    • SkyJet
      • SB-315P (Once in SkyJet Tonfa Edge, Three times in Flying Attacker (Booster Rifle Mode))
    • Delta
      • SB-333B
    • Chi
      • SB-913P
    • Phi
      • SB-555P (Once in Phi Pointer), SB-555W
    • Omega
      • SB-000P
    • Sigma
      • SB-350P
  • Forms used
    • SkyJet
      • SkyJet Armor
    • Delta
      • Delta Armor
    • Chi
      • Chi Armor
    • Phi
      • Phi Armor, Axel Form
    • Omega
      • Omega Armor
    • Sigma
      • Sigma Armor

Input Codes and Finishers used

  • Input Codes used:
    • SkyJet
      • 3-1-5 Enter: (Standing By), Enter: (Exceed Charge), 3-5-2-1 Enter: (Flying Attacker)
    • Delta
      • Kamen Rider: (Standing By), 5-8-2-1: (Auto Vajin)
    • Chi
      • 9-1-3 Enter: (Standing By)
    • Phi
      • 5-5-5 Enter: (Standing By), 1-0-3 Enter: (Single Mode)
    • Omega
      • 0-0-0 Enter: (Standing By), 1-0-3 Enter: (Single Mode)
    • Sigma
      • 3-5-0 Enter: (Standing By), 1-0-3 Enter: (Single Mode)
  • Finishers used:
    • SkyJet
      • SkyJet Slash, Rifle Shooting, Cobalt Smash (2x)
    • Phi
      • Axel Crimson Smash