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The Team is the seventh chapter of Kamen Rider Dev.


Shang and Hikari are transformed into Kamen Riders by the rocks they found at Shi-ra Temple! However, they do not know how to control them and have to learn about them from Raj, who is a Kamen Rider himself.


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  • Raj Singh/Kamen Rider Dev
  • Shang Jin/Kamen Rider Drukong
  • Hikari Jin/Kamen Rider Zenikari
  • Kazuma Hirano
  • GDF Soldiers
  • GDF Forensic Scientists
  • Captain Leo


  • It is the first chapter in which Cyber Demons do not appear.
  • The part where it was discussed how Kamen Rider Dev was being connected to Nazi-revival activities by some is a reference to the real world incidents where the creator received racist criticism over using Swastika in Dev's suit.