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Chapter 2: The Masquerade Mystery (第二章:仮面舞踏会の謎 Dai Nishō: Kamenbudōkai no Nazo?) is the second episode of Gensaku Tanpen: Kamen Rider Mimoto.

It serves as the second part of the Kamen Rider Zero-One tribute arc, featuring returning appearances from Horobi/Kamen Rider Horobi, Naki/Kamen Rider Naki, Jin/Kamen Rider Jin and Ikazuchi/Kamen Rider Ikazuchi, as portrayed by Shuya Sunagawa, Satsuki Nakayama, Daisuke Nakagawa and Daichi Yamaguchi respectively. Furthermore, it features the only debut of Kamen Rider Valkyrie's Fighting Jackal form.


As Sho Kenbo transforms into Kamen Rider Mimoto, he fights against the monster that threatens the safety of Fumei University alongside Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba, but even with their expertise in the art of transforming into Kamen Riders, the Athlete Masquerader easily has them beat, flicking them apart like insects...

Not only does Sho begin to have an existential crisis, unsure of his ability to become the 'hero of justice' that Kamen Riders are supposed to be... another Masquerader attacks from the shadows, making the battle more one-sided against the three Kamen Riders...! As Sho flees from the battle, will he have the resolve required to transform into a 'hero of justice'...?

Continuity and Placement


As Sho would charge towards the Athlete Masquerader, beginning to take the fight in his hands, Isamu and Yua Yaiba would also rush into battle, beginning to attack the Masquerader as well. The three Riders would begin trading blows with the Masquerader, the three fighters barely keeping up to par with the Masquerader. However, it would then manage to land a powerful blow in Sho's gut, sending him crashing into another wall.

As Sho struggled to get up, he would then feel another surge of information travelling through his nervous system, causing to react confusedly to everything that was going on. Fuwa and Yaiba would then jump backwards, firing bullets at the Masquerader from afar. However, the Masquerader would easily close the gap between the two parties, dashing towards them and hitting them with multiple quick blows. As Sho would attempt to get up, he would then close his eyes, focusing on the surroundings ahead of him with the thoughts of a blade entering his mind.

Suddenly, said blade would then materialize in his hand, much to his surprise, before he would then run in, attempting to hack and slash at the monster, though it would easily dodge Sho's attacks, before landing another light kick on Sho, knocking the wind out of him briefly. Fuwa and Yaiba would then intercept the attack, sending out another barrage of bullets at the Masquerader, before Vulcan would then pull out the Punching Kong Progrisekey, changing forms into Punching Kong.

Yaiba would do the same, changing forms into Lightning Hornet with her respective Progrisekey, before they would continue running circles around the Masquerader. Sho would also get back up again, before continuing to attempt to hack and slash at the monster, finally landing a strike on the Masquerader, sending it flying into Fuwa, who would use his gauntlets to send a powerful strike at the Masquerader, sending it flying. Commander Kage would look at the fight with disdain, though there was a hint of intrigue in his expression.

Elsewhere, in another location, as live tweets and reports of the fight taking place would begin to flood the chats of the many social media groups of the university, one of Sho's classmates, Akira Mashima, would continue walking back from classes, very much intent on not involving himself with any of the issues going on near the cafeteria. However, as he continued walking, whilst browsing on his phone, Commander In'ei would watch from the shadows, holding a present that he had received from Commander Ankoku.


A black and silver identity card of some sorts, covered in cracks and red tendrils, was in In'ei's hands, as he would then camouflage him back into the shadows, materializing in another dark alleyway that was full of shadows, and much closer to where Akira was passing by. Whispering in a soft voice, Commander In'ei would successfully manage to trick Akira into walking into the alleyway, much to the latter's confusion.

"Do you want more power? To write the stories with the speed and creativity to make you the greatest?"
Motto pawā ga hoshī ka? Omae o saikō ni suru tame no supīdo to sōzō-sei de monogatari o kaku tame ni?

The soft voice would cause Akira to freeze in place, unable to respond to the questions whispered into his ear, as In'ei would then emerge from the shadows, shocking Akira for a brief moment. And In'ei would take advantage of the brief moment given to him, shoving the corrupted identity card into Akira's hand, almost as if stabbing him with the card. The card entering is body, Akira would jolt backwards, beginning to feel an erupting feeling emerging from his hands.

Suddenly, he would then begin to scream, before In'ei would then kick him out of the alleyway, as he crashed onto the ground, continuing to scream in pain. And as multiple people would pass by the route that Akira would use, they would then suddenly see a sight of horror, of a being in silver metallic armor, clad with jagged shards of metal in his hand. This... was...

The Mangaka Masquerader.

The students would then run for their lives, before it would then sense the conflict occurring between Kamen Riders Mimoto, Vulcan and Valkyrie, and the Athlete Masquerader. It would then make corrupted noises of glee, as the monsters would then take to the skies, holding one of the jagged shards of metal in his hand, before making multiple motions with the shard of metal, a pair of wings materializing from thin air, in paper-like strands.

As Sho, Isamu and Yua would continue fighting the Athlete Masquerader, they would then prepare to execute their finishers. With Sho receiving a new burst of information from the Driver, he would then activate his finisher, as Isamu and Yua would place their Risers back onto their belt, preparing their own finishers. Jumping into the skies, they would execute three Rider Kicks, before suddenly colliding with a metallic shield.

Yua would look at the shield in shock, before it would then suddenly crash into the three Riders, sending them flying as Yua and Isamu would revert back to their base forms. Sho, on the other hand, would be sent crashing into another pillar, as he would de-transform by force, hacking out an unspecified amount of blood. The Identity Hero struggling to maintain consciousness, he would barely see the source of the jagged metallic shield; the Mangaka Masquerader swooping in and landing besides the Athlete Masquerader.

Thinking to himself that it would be better for him to flee, he would discreetly flee from the battlefield, unsure whether this would be the right choice. And observing from afar was Mikata, Naomi and Sora, who would also follow him, as discreetly as he was. And as Sho managed to flee from the scene, he would find himself almost collapsing at one of the pillars that lined the front of the academy entrance, as he struggled to keep himself standing. Suddenly, he would then notice Mikata, Naomi and Sora stumbling upon him, much to his own shock...

Struggling to get words out, he would mutter out his fears just enough for them to hear, being afraid about the life that he had found himself dragged into. However, his friends would provide words of motivation to Sho about the skills of a true hero. Suddenly, manifestations of four individuals would then manifest in front of the four groupmates, as Sora would then recognize them as members of MetsubouJinrai.net...

As Sho would look in confusion, the four manifestations would then provide their own advice to Sho, teaching him what it means to be a Kamen Rider... that no matter the odds, no matter how many people hate you for what you do, that it is important to fight in the path of true justice and peace. Sho would find himself suddenly motivated, before the four silhouettes would then smile, disappearing into the ether and dropping what appeared to be four more identity cards very similar to the one that Sho had...





Mikata and Naomi would pick them up, passing them to Sho, before he would take a deep breath, the adrenaline pumping into his veins keeping him just alive enough to get on his two feet. And he would pull out the Mimoto IdenDriver and the Hero Identity Card, before transforming once more... into Kamen Rider Mimoto. The true Identity Hero. Feeling a surge of healing energy wash through his body, he would then rush back onto the scene, summoning his weapon, the Kinen-Blade, in his left hand.

Using the Horobi Identity Card, Sho would plug it into the appropriate slot on the Kinen-Blade, charging up a powerful purple energy attack. A brief manifestation of Kamen Rider Horobi's emblem, alongside the Attache Arrow would appear, before Sho would then arrive on the battlefield, witnessing Isamu and Yua barely keeping up with the two Masqueraders. Immediately, he would then send a powerful purple energy slash at the Athlete Masquerader that was charging towards Sho, sending it crashing to the ground.

Mikata, Naomi and Sora would also rush to the battle scene, continuing to observe the battle, as Sho would then continue attacking the monster, almost relentless, unlike his demeanor in his previous fight. Isamu and Yua would take that as a notice to change forms into something much stronger, as Isamu would pull out the Assault Wolf Progrisekey. Yua would then pull out the Fighting Jackal Progrisekey, the former looking at the item in her hand almost hesitantly. And as she would insert it into the Shotriser, the two would change forms as well.

And as Sho continued to combat the Athlete Masquerader, he would pull out the Jin Identity Card, switching it with the card in the blade, before an overlay of the ZAIA Slashriser would form over the Kinen-Blade. Charging it up with pink energy, Sho would then execute multiple rapid slashes on the Masquerader as the two forces collided, sending the latter crashing into a pillar. Taking the chance to finish it, he would then activate the finisher function of the Driver, as it surged with information on more time.

Sho would take to the skies, before executing a powerful Rider Kick on the Athlete Masquerader, causing it to explode, ejecting its host. Sho would catch him, as the Athlete Identity Card, now no longer corrupted by the red and black tendrils, would land in Sho's hand cleanly. As Isamu and Yua would continue to fight the Mangaka Masquerader, easily overpowering the monster, Isamu would pull out the Gatling Hedgehog Progrisekey, inserting it into the Authorise Buster before readying a finisher of his own. Yua would summon the Territory Scythe through her finisher, charging it with a large burst of energy.

The two Riders sending out their respective attacks, they would collide with the Mangaka Masquerader, causing it to explode, ejecting its host and its Identity Card. The three Riders would then de-transform, though Sho would find himself on the verge of almost collapsing from the sheer exhaustion. As Mikata, Naomi and Sora would rush towards Sho, they would then hold him up, before Sora would then inquire regarding the events they'd been through before arriving here.

As Fuwa and Yaiba would explain their circumstances, having recently fought a nanomachine scientist who led an organisation that wanted to destroy the world and create paradise, they would mention suddenly arriving here by happenstance. Sora would wonder whether they were called to this world to help, similar to a certain Kamen Rider Gaim in another show not too long ago. The two Riders would shrug, before Sora would then bring up the matter of Horobi's, Naki's, Jin's and Ikazuchi's brief appearances earlier.

All six of the people present would think for a bit, before deciding that they could not figure out what it could possibly mean. Though, Yua would then note that with them in this world, they were not quite sure if they could find a way back home. Sho thought for a bit, before wondering whether they could find a temporary residence in Fumei University, maybe working as security guards until they could find their way back home. Isamu would decide that it was a good enough idea, before their main Progrisekeys would begin to glow.

A white orb of light being released, much to everyone's confusion, it would then turn into what appeared to be more Identity Cards...



Afterwards, the six heroes would then carry the two former Masquerader hosts, carrying them to the campus hospital, as Commander Ankoku would then manifest from the shadows, swiftly grabbing the Mangaka Identity Card before disappearing back into the shadows...


  • Sho Kenbo (健忘 症 Kenbō Shō?): Rihito Itagaki (板垣 李光人 Itagaki Rihito?)
  • Mikata Shidou (指導 味方 Shidō Mikata?): Ayaka Konno (紺野 彩夏 Kon'no Ayaka?)
  • Naomi Watanabe (渡辺 直美 Watanabe Naomi?): Yumena Yanai (箭内 夢菜 Yanai Yumena?)
  • Sora Hishou (飛翔 空 Hishō Sora?): Yuno Ohara (大原 優乃 Ōhara Yuno?)
  • Commander Kage ( Kage?, lit. Shadow): Kentaro Kanesaki (兼崎 健太郎 Kanesaki Kentarō?)
  • Commander In'ei (陰影 In'ei?, lit. Shadow): Shunsuke Daito (大東 駿介 Daitō Shunsuke?)
  • Commander Ankoku (暗黒 Ankoku?, lit. Shadow): Rina Ikoma (生駒 里奈 Ikoma Rina?)
  • Mimoto IdenDriver, Identity Cards, Kinen-Blade: Shingo Fujimori (藤森 慎吾 Fujimori Shingo?, Voice)
  • Identity Cards: Norio Wakamoto (若本 規夫 Wakamoto Norio?, Voice)

Supporting Cast

  • Akira Mashima (真島 明 Mashima Akira?): Tatsuomi Hamada (濱田 龍臣 Hamada Tatsuomi?)

Guest Cast

  • Yuzuru Suzuki (鈴木 結弦 Suzuki Yuzuru?): Rui Kihara (木原 瑠生 Kihara Rui?)
  • Warden: Masafumi Yokoyama (横山 真史 Yokoyama Masafumi?)
  • Doctors: Hiroki Iijima (飯島 寛騎 Ījima Hiroki?), Toshiki Seto (瀬戸 利樹 Seto Toshiki?)

Returning Cast


Suit Actors

Forms/Collectibles Used

Identity Cards

  • Identity Card(s) used:
  • Identit(ies) used:
    • Kamen Rider Mimoto
      • Hero Identity


  • Form(s) used:
    • Kamen Rider Vulcan
      • Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, Assault Wolf
    • Kamen Rider Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet, Fighting Jackal



  • Closing Screen:
    • Kamen Rider: Mimoto
    • Identity Card: Athlete Identity Card
  • Count at Episode End:
    • Identity Cards in Mimoto's possession: Hero, Athlete
    • Legend Rider Identity Cards in Mimoto's possession: Vulcan, Valkyrie, Jin, Horobi, Ikazuchi, Naki
    • Identity Cards in Masqueraders' possession: Mangaka
  • Original plans were for Isamu and Yua to only use Punching Kong and Lightning Hornet as their auxiliary forms, but this was changed at the last minute, instead adding further additions of the Assault Wolf and Fighting Jackal forms. The latter form was also added because of wild audience speculation in Zero-One of Valkyrie using Fighting Jackal as a final form.

Count at Episode End (Legend Rider)

  • Progrisekeys in Vulcan's possession: Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, Gatling Hedgehog, Trapping Spider, Assault Wolf, Rampage Gatling
  • Progrisekeys in Valkyrie's possession: Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet, Fighting Jackal


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