Teresa Wells is the Black Widow Plasmid.


"Teri" was a scientist who hated and betrayed humanity for its "ignorance of the wonders of the universe".

She was once an aerospace engineer and astrophysicist who worked for an unspecified space program developing a warp bubble for instantaneous travel through space. However, her government cut her funding to pay for its new Naval fleet and research on a new way to refine Earth's oil. Bitter and vengeful, she accepted Pra'Meth conversion on the grounds that her invention be implanted into her and modified into a weapon.


As the Black Widow Plasmid, Teresa can create "temporal implosion fields" that can reverse the flow of time, reverting anything inside it to a specific age or state. She can also teleport in an instant using the warp bubble to make quick escapes from the Riders. She first used her implosion field as a way to scam the citizens of Leone into regaining their youth and reversing time to erase the city from existence.


  • The character is named after sci-fi novelist H.G. Wells and Terry Nation, the creator of the Daleks from Doctor Who.