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Ben Hernandez
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Title Ben Hernandez
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Status Alive
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First Appearance Ep 1: Ring
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Ben Hernandez is the Hell Rider.

Character History

Ben's father, Michael, was a policeman who was killed in a gang shootout when Ben was ten. When he turned seventeen, his mother's slowly building grief finally got the better of her, landing her in a psychiatric ward after a nervous breakdown. Ben's friend, Kenta Nishihori, talked his parents into letting Ben stay with them.

One night, three years later, he witnessed a museum truck hijacking by thieves. In the ensuing scuffle, he stumbled across a gold ring, which pulsed with heat, transformed into a belt and changed him into the Hell Rider. He attacked and defeated them, but fled when he de-henshined and the impact of what he'd done hit. Returning to Kenta's home, he skipped dinner (an uncharacteristic move) and went to bed, where he was plagued by nightmares. In the middle of the night, Kenta finally made him spill the beans, though he was rather skeptical. The proof came the next morning in the paper: Four Killed in Botched Robbery.

Trying to keep his mind off the ring, Ben stumbled across a news report of sever criminals besieged in a condemned building. Again, he sensed warmth from the ring, and almost against his will, he took it and went to the scene. He (and his bike) henshined again, and he took down the criminals, including their leader Stonewall--who it turned out had skin made of stone. Kenta met him on the way back, having seen the whole thing, and dubbed him Kamen Rider.


Prophet's Ring