Battle Rider is a fan fic series of new Riders made by Ranger Rider.


Note: Each Rider will recieve their own page at some point and is set in the Azario Universe (see Power Rangers Fanfiction Wiki)

Battle Rider- After the arrival of Power Rangers X, two college students try to recreate their powers by using Insect DNA. After a lab accident, one is turned into Master Mantis and one finishes the Battle Belt and becomes Battle Rider and learns to ride a motorcycle and fight the monsters Mantis creates and hopes to set his friend free of his curse.

Battle Rider Green- An alien belt is found by a comic book lover and he transforms into Green and trys to fight an evil alien threat. With his friend he will learn to acess new forms so he can finish off all threats thrown at them. 

Battle Rider Cycle- A man creates a belt to fight mechanical monsters and uses his amazing technology to change into forms and destroy all monsters he created.

Battle Rider Grand- A mystic man is unleashed from his prison and transforms into a Battle Rider with the power to use Cards to fight.

Battle Rider Fifth- Celebrating the fifth anniversary, Fifth is a Rider who is nothing but a Rider and has no human form. A young girl and her brother try to help him find an identity before he is destroyed by the Dark Riders.

Battle Rider Eagle- Five colleges have armored superheroes for mascots and they all have a rivalry with each other. A rider known as Eagle feel it's right to use their powers as a game. Unfortunately the other Riders don't agree and he is now targeted by monsterfyed students.

Battle Rider Wind Samurai- A samurai that uses wind power to keep himself alive finds his purpose in using the power he used for him self to help him for other people.