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A list of weapons used by the Kamen Riders of Kamen Rider Altis.

Transformation Devices

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Altis Forms


The most basic form, offering a variety of superhuman enhancements but excelling in none.


When the job calls for power, Altis calls on Breaker. It has the thickest armor and greatest strength amplification of any of his forms. Armed with a hammer.


While it would seem the least useful of Altis’s forms with its watery motif, and it is indeed meant for aquatic combat, Tidal actually puts more energy into his speed no matter where he is. It’s ideal for combat against multiple opponents. Armed with a spear. Its known attack is Oceanic Restoration; the wielder impales the Taint and draws out the infection in the form of black slime. It also restored the ants the Ant Taint had transformed to fight alongside it.


Heaven is what Altis uses when the job calls for finesse over power or speed. He can stand and trade blows with most opponents in this form, while delivering precise blows to bring them down as efficiently as possible. As its name implies, Heaven allows Altis to sprout wings and take to the air. Armed with a sword.


Altis's ultimate form. Combines and magnifies the capabilities of his other forms, allowing him to create a solid-light version of any of his weapons but with far higher potency. However, creating this much power puts a strain on Altis's body, and uses up his lifespan at an alarming rate.

Versa Forms


Versa's basic form.


An alternate form that provides Versa with a pair of curved daggers and the ability to turn himself into a self-propelled mass of dark red liquid matter.


Armed with a whip-like rectractable cord in one gauntlet for choking enemies.


Arms Versa with thick armor and a heavy battle-axe. Also allows him to fly.