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"Aranea Driver!"
―Activation announcement[src]

―Beastamp scanning announcement[src]

"Rise Up! Decide. Your. Destiny. Kamen Rider. Aranea!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

―Finisher activation announcement[src]

"Aranea Finish!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

―Genomerge change activaton announcement[src]

"Merge Up! (Beastamp name)! Genomerge!"
―Genomerge change announcement[src]

―Genomerge finisher activation announcement[src]

"(Beastamp name) Genobreak!"
―Genomerge finisher announcement[src]

The Aranea Driver is the transformation device used by Kamen Rider Aranea.


The Aranea Driver is composed of the following parts:

  • Genomper Pad: The imprint-type information input device. It receives the power of various species of organisms by stamping the special information transmission code of the Beastamp, known as the Beastamp Code.
  • Aranea Stamp Pad: The Aranea Driver's genome approval device. As a preliminary step to the Genomper Pad, the Beastamp is approved by stamping here.
  • Aranea Driver Shell: The exterior of Aranea Driver. It is made of cemented carbide, the main material of which is Genomium, an extremely rare metal extracted from meteorites, and protects the internal precision equipment from any impact.
  • Genomuscle: The artificial muscles of the Aranea Driver, which draw out unlimited power by receiving an energy supply, multiply rapidly at the same time as the Rise Up, enveloping the entire body of the user.
  • Beastamp Holder: Beastamp carrying devices. It is placed on each side of the Aranea Driver and a Beastamp can be set in each Beastamp Holder.
  • Araneactivators: Aranea Driver operating device. It has a structure in which commands are input by pressing down hard on the Demons Knock on both sides at the same time, providing a starting point for a variety of attacks. By stamping the Beastamp after pressing it once during transformation, the Genome Modulator, which arms each part of the body based on its ability, is deployed on Kamen Rider Aranea. Alternatively, after stamping the Beastamp, pressing it once will charge Aranea, and the special move Aranea Finish can be activated.
  • Web Bind: A band that deploys as soon as the driver is equipped, forming a chain field that prevents the power of the animal species from leaking out, and secures to the user's waist.



To transform, the user first presses the Stamp Activator Button on the Beastamp before pressing the Beastamp Genome Stamper against the top part of the driver. This will summon a mechanized Animal that sources from the Beastamp. The user then presses the Genome Stamper again on the main screen in the middle of the driver to activate the transformation.

The Aranea Driver also has an additional Genomerge Change feature activated by squeezing on the both sides of the belt before pressing the Beastamp Genome Stamper against the top part of the driver and then pressing the Genome Stamper again on the main screen. However, using more than one Genomerge at the same time is dangerous, demonstrated when Aidan attempted to access her Hopper Genomerge while in her Mole Genomerge, resulting in her being forced out of her transformation and leaving her unconcious.


Main article: Finisher (Animalia)

To initiate a standard finisher, the user presses the Stamp Activator on the Beastamp before pressing it against the screen again.

For a Genomerge finisher, the user squeezes the both sides of the driver again.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Aidan Morgan
Kamen Rider Aranea
Speeding Skating Webbing
The driver was first discovered by Jacob Carter, who asked to use it only to be denied by Ryder due to the former's failure to use the Emboss Wildriver. When Skade later took over Jacob's body to become Kamen Rider Nocturn, the Aranea Driver was given to Aidan along with the Spider and Hopper Beastamps to stop him.

Behind the Scenes


The Aranea Driver is voiced by Lucas Till, who previously portrayed Reese AustinIcon-crosswiki.png in Power Rangers Victory SirenIcon-crosswiki.png.


  • Unlike other Drivers in Animalia so far, the Aranea Driver does not physically hold the Beastamp that was used to transform. Afterwards, the user can either theoretically toss the Beastamp aside or safely store it into their Beastamp Holder.


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