Anne Wilder is the Mayor of Leone and a supporting character in the series Kamen Rider Pecos.


A former model who became a volunteer nurse in the Final Resistance, she managed to escape from the Pra'meths after The Terran Liberators were defeated and wandered the wastes of the desert until finding Leone.

7 years later, Anne was elected mayor of Leone and was at the halfway point of her first term at the start of the first episode.


Anne is a plus-sized woman in her mid 40s with hazel eyes and shoulder-length red hair with streaks of grey in a ponytail. She is always seen in a fancy dress or business suit of some sort and has a pulse blaster holstered around her waist.


Unlike most politicians in the series, Anne is a boisterous, kind woman who simply wants her city to be safe from the Pra'meths. She tends to be a little ditzy at times and sometimes stutters when she lies to someone. In episode 7, she admitted that it was because she hates to lie to people who trust her. Her relationship with the two Kamen Riders (Nile and Pecos) starts out on a humorous misunderstanding that they are aliens from another planet that have come to wage war on the Pra'meths and want to suck her brains out.

However, after they explain that are just humans in high-tech armor and rescue her from Wes Terrick in monster form, she unofficially deputizes them as the peacekeepers of the city and aids them however she can.


  • Anne is named after Western historical figure Annie Oakley and actor Gene Wilder from Blazing Saddles