Advent Cards- Cards used by the Kamen Riders to envoke a special Power, like sword vent summons a sword or Shoot vent summons guns, each card is unique to each rider and but some cards my be owned in different styles by each rider like Sword vent or Guard Vent.

  • Contract Card: allows you to contract an advent beast, only 1 may be contracted, unless a powerful force changes the rule of the advent deck.
Contract Card

Contract Card

  • Attack Vent - your basic attack card, its power varies between Riders, normally summons your advent beast.
  • Guard Vent - Basic Defense Card
  • Final Vent - Your Most powerful attack
  • Survive Mode - Activates Survive mode to give you a power boost for only 10 minutes
  • Each Rider has a particular card that is used ONLY By them, unique to that rider, go to to find out which cards are in your advent deck.
    • Examples of Specific Vents
      • Sword Vent - Some Riders can use this Card to summon a sword to fight with, a list of those riders is below.
        • Black wings Contract
        • Dragreder's Contract
        • Venosnaker's Contract
        • Blancwing's Contract
        • Goldphoenix's Contract
      • Launch Vent (Shoot Vent)- For the user of the Magnugiga Advent Contract, you summon a pair of Shoulder Cannons to battle with.
      • Clear Vent:for the user of Biogreeza's Advent Deck, they can become transparent, allowing for covert attacks.
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