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  • Ganbarider is his personal motorcycle.
  • Bike Transforming Ganba Phone is his personal smartphone and one of his inventions. It can also transform into the Ganbarider or any Rider Machine.
  • GanbaLiner is a transportation system and 'Shinkansen' (bullet train) mainly used for traveling to other times and launching attacks against Gigandeaths.

  • SkullBoilder (スカルボイルダー Sukaru Boirudā?) is his personal motorcycle.
  • SkullGarry (スカルギャリー Sukarugyarī?) is a tank/garage that holds the SkullBoilder.

  • Machine Massigler (スカルボイルダー Sukaru Boirudā?) is his personal motorcycle.
  • Astrodizer (アストロダイザー Asutorodaizā?) is a special exosuit used to assist him in battle.

  • Dark Machinewinger (ダークマシーンウィンガー Dākumashīn'u~ingā?) is his personal motorcycle.

  • Sakura Hurricane (サクラハリケーン Sakura Harikēn?) is the first of the Lock Vehicles used by him.
  • Dandeliner (ダンデライナー Danderainā?) is the third of the Lock Vehicles used by him.
  • Tulip Hopper (チューリップホッパー Chūrippu Hoppā?) is the fourth of the Lock Vehicles used by him.

  • Ride Shifter (ライドシフター Raidoshifutā?) is his personal motorcycle.

  • Machine Ghostriker (マシンゴーストライカー Mashin Gōsutoraikā?, portmanteau of "Ghost" and "Striker") is his personal motorcycle. It is based on a Honda CRF250L.

  • Machine Builder (マシンビルダー Mashin Birudā?) is his personal motorcycle.

  • Ride Striker (ライドストライカー Raido Sutoraikā?) is his personal motorcycle.
  • Time Mazine (タイムマジーン Taimu Majīn?) is a type of time machine in the form of mechas which can transform between a flying Vehicle Mode (ビークルモード Bīkuru Mōdo?) and combat-ready Robo Mode (ロボモード Robo Mōdo?).