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• 11/3/2014

"Adaptions" of existing characters/series

Why are there so many of these "adaptions" on the wiki? It's not creative to just slap new names on the official stuff, it's burying the genuinely creative fic updates under a mountain of ripoff, and I'm pretty sure they're violating several of this wiki's rules.

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• 3/22/2018
While I will not deny the abundance of adaptations on this wiki, I personally do not believe that adaptations automatically mean that the fanfiction is a rip-off. In fact, I believe that some of these adaptations have legitimately interesting concepts and differences to the source material. For example, Masked Racer Rexx has the world of Kamen Rider Drive exist in a video game. This allows the fanfiction's protagonist, a teenage gamer, to quickly and easily adapt to the digital plane, and to the powers that are now at his command as Rexx. Also, since people have different visions for their adaptations, it allows each of them to have their own unique style. Adaptations are also how most fanfiction writers start off their "careers", adapting material from a chosen source before advancing to where they can create stories from the ground-up.
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